Monday, 29 June 2015

My Siblings from A-Z

I want to try some new post ideas one I came across was doing an A-Z on a topic, so I am going to do an A-Z about siblings (I have four of them:)

You decide if this is a good thing or not, either way you are stuck with them 

Some are sweet, some are annoying (rolls eyes towards a certain brother) some are bossy some are nice either way... they are stuck with you you are stuck with them:)

At least they are suppose to be... right?

Whether you are the oldest, the youngest or in the middle at some point you muttered this under your breath because said sibling appeared to have lost all common sense or thinking skills

Maybe they are everywhere because you have a lot of them or it's because they are stalking you always tagging along

Everyone has that one sibling that looks so innocent...

Once they grow up (I'm still waiting:P)

For the most part (I'm guessing) you are at peace with you siblings and they are at peace with you.

Sometime you want to kick them out of the house or move out yourself, but you are siblings so you have to make the best of that do things together

Most siblings are a rowdy bunch and they like it:)

Sometimes you know why a sibling is upset and what to do about that  better than your parents

This is especially true for older siblings who often have to look out for the younger ones

Most of the time your siblings are not out to get you (I know my three year old sister did not mean to color my books with a black marker... but I am still angry!)

Well most of the time anyway.

Not always of course, but enough times.

Especially if you just moved somewhere and you don't know anybody, or when you are bored and can't have any friends over

(Especially those toddlers, they can be hilarious!)

It's currently debatable, I'll see about that again when they are in their 30s...

Its scary how many times my sister and I say something in unicent

There is always that one sibling is trying to get on the good side of Mama while excluding themselves from the sibling club (of course they tattle about being excluded too...)

They are just there, Sometimes you resent them some are just adorable little kids but for the most part we don't usually think too much about them.

Sure I'd sell my brother:P But I wouldn't let him get kidnapped.

Well this is 50/50 and changes from day to day...

My brother will bang a stick on anything for the sheer pleasure of hitting something (well... he has pretend fights with... romans, don't ask me)

For the most part my siblings are passive aggressive but if you have never resorted to at least a shout you are either mute, passive or not normal. (And don't go telling me you never fight with your siblings!) unless you're an only child... in which case the entire list does not apply to you.

It can get a little wild at my house:)

Well thats my first A-Z list, I hope it was entertaining:)

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