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"Bother, I've left my heart in Narnia again"

So I recently finished "Prince Caspian" and have felt compelled to do another blurb, I thought about doing one for "The horse and his boy" but couldn't come up with anything I wanted or needed to say (even though it is my favorite Narnia book).

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So the Pevensie's are back. And Narnia has changed, (let me indulge you with a quote)

"And so they feel, or rose, or blundered or dropped right through, and found themselves in this world, in the Land of Telmar which was then unpeopled. But why it was unpeopled is a long story: I will not tell it now. And in Telmar their descendants lived and became a fierce and proud; and after many generations there was a famine in Telmar and they invaded Narnia, which was then in some disorder (but that also would be a long story), and conquered it and ruled it."

Ok can we all agree that we need a complete history book of Telmar and Narnia? Because I'm absolutely dying to know every detail of everything related to these kingdoms. But of course Aslan has a point to make so we do not get to hear the tale. 

And I avoid fanfiction myself because... not really sure, its just not the same, it often contradicts with the author, or is just too silly or stupid in my admittingly closed-minded opinion. But in this case I would relent, heck I'd write the stories myself.

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Another comment I must make is how surprisingly long the Pevensie's journey to Aslan's How is. I only had about 2-3 chapters left by the time they actually met up with Caspian. But my complaint is not how overall long but short the book was, I need more! A longer battle! more later-on-Caspian-scenes! (two very detailed history of telmar and narnia books!...)

I mean of course it was a page turning, book hugging, five-star rating read, I'm just saying.

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Okay, movie/book rant.

*takes deep breath*

"The movie was far more epic than the book"

*hides as bookish insults, various items and possibly a raw egg is thrown* 

All calmed down? No? Usually this would be my reaction to someone seemingly preferring the movie of a book over the book, but let me explain. As I said the book was mostly Caspian's back story and the Pevensie's journey to join him. The movie adds a far more exciting story-line that involves a raid on Miraz's castle, an undeniably EPIC battle (come on! they came out of the ground!) and Lucy going to find Aslan and waking the trees last minute. In the book the battle is over before it is even begun.

And of course I love the book, I love the details, Caspian's backstory, the dancing lawn banquet, the dancing and feast of the nymphs, wine god (and entourage) and the collecting of those who believe, to drop everything and follow Aslan, and of course the involvement of Doctor Cornelius and the reunion with the nurse. 

They are equally good.

Still, the movie has more epic plot points, a Caspian with an undeniably gorgeous accent (really ticked he lost it in The Dawn Treader) and more king-worthy Caspian moments. The fact that in the movie he had to spare his uncle's life twice is a really good way to showcase his character and strength. I also liked that his aunt was one of the first to go through the doorway back to our world. I do not really care for the romantic tension between Susan and Caspian, and the whole kiss thing. There's no realistic room for it in the story. 

And I'm not trying to convince you that the movie is better than the book, its not, its more epic is all I said (doesn't equal better). And I find that movies tend to develop their own story-line overall as a series progresses and should be taken with a grain of salt and a tablespoon of objectiveness. 

And when I acknowledge the fact that it's not the book as a movie, (it's just a movie based on the book) I can start to love both in their different ways. If I had to speak from a producers point of view I would probably say that the book line for line would not have made for the exciting cinematic experience audiences want, and I get that. I enjoy both the book and the movie for their differences not despite them.

Before I move on can I please shower you with pictures of a beautiful specimen?

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Sorry Edmund...

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And finally, a character analysis (this is really an observation and thoughts on some of the characters). I won't do a top # list just because the book characters differ from the movie characters too much so I'd need separate lists. 

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Caspian the tenth
Of course I have to start this list off with him. I just adore how interested in, and passionate he is about Narnia's true history (we have so much in common!:) And of course he's brave and humble and really cares for those he leads. (Did I mention his movie accent?) 

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Susan Pevensie
I don't want to say she's my least favorite Pevensie sibling (sounds too harsh), but I would rank her last. Overall she patronizes Lucy a lot in this book, (also in the LWW) and you can see the direction she's going starting in this book. As you know, she stops believing entirely later on and chides her siblings for still remembering. So I find her to be the weakest sibling in that aspect. Another observation is that Susan is a lot more battle-ready in the movies, but in The horse and His Boy she was described as the kind of proper lady who didn't go to war,  and she isn't called Susan the Gentle for nothing. 

Caspian's Nurse
She's so underrated, she doesn't even have a name or a proper illustration. (But I managed to get an image of her portrayed in a play) She literally changed the course of History by being the first to introduce Caspian to the tales of the old Narnians and their ways, instilling in him a passion so strong it could not be doused by Miraz and led to Caspian becoming the rightful King of Narnia. (Because the King of the old Narnians is responsible for all the talking beasts and their well-being, as commanded by Aslan at the beginning of it all in The magician's nephew).

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High King Peter
He's still awesomely and epically fighting for others. He doesn't think twice about dueling Miraz to buy their side more time while Aslan was at work, and he assures Caspian that he is fighting to put him on the throne, not to steal the spotlight.

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She's so strong, her faith, her spirit, her character. She's the first to see Aslan and has to convince the others, but is willing to go on without her siblings if they won't listen. I just love her.

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Always so proud of how far he came, and how much his character has grown. he's the only one who believes Lucy and helps to convince the others. And I just love the relationship between him and Lucy.

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Peter said it best, he's a brick. It might have taken him a bit to believe in the kings and queens of old, and even longer to believe in Aslan. But he's loyal, protective and a lot less surly than his movie counterpart (but not too cheerful, he is a dwarf after all). And the movie may have shown his duel with Edmund, but his shoot out with Susan was just as if not more epic. Here's my favorite quote to tie in with that,

"I think that apple hanging over the wall on the branch there would do,' said Susan. 'That'll do nicely, lass.' said Trumpkin. 'You mean the yellow one near the arch?' 'No not that,' said Susan. 'The red one up above-over the battlement.'The Dwarf's face fell Looks more like a cherry than an apple he muttered, but he said nothing out laud."

*foot note can I just say how hard it was to find an image of the dwarf Trumpkin? I was absolutely pummeled by images of Donald Trump's face merged with pumpkins (JUST WHY???!!!?!!!)*

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So that's my little rant on this book. (A little long I acknowledge). Probably be back soon with another Narnia related post soon, as I continue with this read-along.

Till then, farewell my lovelies!

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Thoughts on "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe"

Soooooo I finished TLTWATW (still a pain to write) late last night. I'd been busy with work and umm ...minecraft but anywho here we are!

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So I have some thoughts to share, and it'll probably be a short post but it didn't make sense to put them on Goodreads.

First of all, the movie wardrobe looks wayyyy more epic than the one in the book (which has a looking glass on the door). I mean it makes sense to have a more epic wardrobe with a cloth on it that is then epicly pulled off by Lucy. But it's kind of misleading. The movie wardrobe door also has a handle on the inside. And C.S. Lewis was very clear on how "foolish it it to shut one's self in a wardrobe" (of course Edmund did... how did he and Lucy get back..). I mean it's not a big deal, but I can't tell you how many times I was told in a single chapter how foolish shutting oneself in a wardrobe would be, and then you give me a handle in the movie? All that said I adore both the book and its movie:)

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Secondly, my favorite scene (by far)

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The Coronation!!! 

"Once a king or queen of Narnia always a king or queen of Narnia"  
"Long live king Peter!" "Long Live queen Susan!" 
"Long live king Edmund!" "Long live queen Lucy!"

This scene just made me hug my book to my chest lay back and sigh with happiness 
(yeah, that good:)

Random thought, I REALLLLLY want to live in Cair Paravel

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Image result for the lion the witch and the wardrobe

Also I have my little proud spiels for each of the Pevensies.

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First of all, Peter! Such a brave young man, he definitely deserves the title of High King (not just for being the oldest). He is the first to apologize to Lucy, constantly protected his sisters, took responsibility for Edmund's actions (even though it wasn't his fault) and to top it all off he lead and fought his first battle BY HIMSELF because Aslan wasn't there at the time.

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Susan. As one of the two eldest she also protects her siblings. Though at first reluctant to stay in Narnia, after finding out about the witch and the Faun's arrest she agrees that saving Mr. Tumnus for sheltering Lucy is the right thing to do. Always kind, patient and gentle she comforts Aslan as best as she can before the sacrifice on the stone table.

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I had that one so-proud-of-Edmund moment. Because yes he was a little jerk through most of the book but he was the one who turned the battle in Narnia's favor by destroying the White witch's wand (say that ten times fast) and he nearly died as a result. 

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Aww Lucy. The first to enter Narnia, finding a faun in another world doesn't seem that strange to her. She easily makes friends, holds her family together, sees the best in people and cares for those around her. When she discovers that Mr. Tumnus has been taken by the White Witch she insists on going after him. She stays with Aslan the night at the stone table and is given the important job of rescuing those near death after the final battle. Valiant through and through, she is one of my favorite characters:)

And lastly I shall list my top eight favorite characters from this story.

1) Peter Pevensie
If my little spiel above didn't convince you how awesome he is, then you better go read the book for yourself

2) Edmund Pevensie
Yes the whole jerk thing. But you better let it go, Aslan said so! (shakes finger at you). He had the courage and sense to go after the witch's greatest weapon, her wand. He nearly died for it. And his experience with the witch helped him to become a just and fair king who believes that people can and do change.

3) Lucy Pevensie
She's brave, strong, gentle and all around awesome. She instantly forgives Mr Tumnus for almost handing her in, is constantly lending people her handkerchief,  believes the most out of all the siblings, and she's so adorable too:)

4) The Professor
Also known as Digory Kirke all grown up. He's been there, he believes Lucy and tells the two eldest to believe her as well. He can't believe the modern school system and he is an all around sympathetic and likable chap.

5) Mrs Beaver
I just love her calm demeanor, yes the witch is coming but first lets pack some food. Also the adorable conversation about bringing the sewing machine.

6) Susan Pevensie
Just because she is a little lower than her siblings doesn't mean I don't love he, but she doesn't have any real defining moments in this book other than the ones listed in my spiel above.

7) Mr Beaver
Brave, almost reckless, sassy and definitely lovable Mr Beaver doesn't think twice about bringing the children to his home and endangering himself in the process. He fully believes in Aslan and hates the witch with all he's worth.

8) Mr Tumnus
Although the faun doesn't come into the story all that much he still holds a special place for being the first Narnian Lucy meets. He almost hands Lucy over to the White Witch but sees the error of his ways and takes it upon himself to return her to the Lampost so that she can find her way home. He is taken by the White Witch and turned into a statue but later revived by Aslan and went on to become a prominent member of the children's court.

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Well its only the beginning, I look forward to reading The Horse and His Boy next (my favorite book in the series last time I read them)

Till then, farewell!

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Narnia read along, put on your rings and lets get started!

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I should probably stop and explain, rather rude of me not to post earlier (my sincere apologies). Having recently gotten together with my fellow Narnian-at-heart and dear friend Abby (find her over at for a more comprehensible post) and having re-watched the three Narnia movies (because Narnia is home) we naturally came to the conclusion that we must revisit said home and promptly decided on a Chronicles of Narnia read along to begin August 1st (today, unless i forgot to post this, which is very likely but bear with me)

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So today we start at the beginning, The Magician's Nephew. [Update on reading progress] I am halfway through already! (blame either my incredible reading skills, dedication to a read-along, only part time job and lacking social life or love for Narnia, pick one but all are true.) As it stands Jadis and her lackey (sometimes known as Uncle Andrew or Mr Ketterley) are wrecking havoc in London in deliciously humorous and delightfully endearing C. S. Lewis style. (pardon all the frightfully outdated English, I've read utterly too many old books and I quite like it for another).

As it stands I'll probably finish the book before nightfall, and statistically the series in a week (alas that part-time job is a bit of a menace in that regard, two or three weeks more likely). Last Narnia update for today, I've finally bought my own set of The Chronicles of Narnia. A charming set on its way now from dear ole England (appropriate think you not?) so it will take a while to arrive (a post when it does! I'll try at any rate).

So will you yet join us as we make our way through one of my favorite series and definitely my favorite realm?

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Monday, 31 July 2017

So... it's been a while...

Hello peoples! (If anyone is still around). My break from blogging may have turned into a near retirement. And I had something along the lines of "I'm back!" in mind for this post. But lets be honest, i work, i go to school and procrastinate a lot. So i will try to write more, read more and do more (if only for myself on this poor forgotten blog).

*violently brushes cobwebs from screen*

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So where to start? A MAJOR life update i guess. Well, i'm going into senior year in the fall (yay?), I still love books and movies and TV shows and minecraft (yeah that got added), mind you i'm no gamer but creative was made for people like me:) 

I still love art and music (finally got a piano, three cheers!) I still spend too much time on Pinterest, too much money on books and too much energy on dreaming. So I guess, really, I haven't changed.

I went to a Mennonite convention last week, i was in a scene of  Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, i survived my last year of math, went to Paraguay, Brazil  and Florida, got a job, discovered the wonderful platform that is Goodreads, watched way too much Netflix and a lot of other irrelevant stuff.

Also I have a bookstagram!!!.... that has also been a little neglected lately....

But all that aside I look forward to movie and book reviews, aesthetic pictures and writing about anything that pops in my head.    

Ill try to stay in touch,