Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Narnia read along, put on your rings and lets get started!

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I should probably stop and explain, rather rude of me not to post earlier (my sincere apologies). Having recently gotten together with my fellow Narnian-at-heart and dear friend Abby (find her over at  http://citabyabby.blogspot.ca/ for a more comprehensible post) and having re-watched the three Narnia movies (because Narnia is home) we naturally came to the conclusion that we must revisit said home and promptly decided on a Chronicles of Narnia read along to begin August 1st (today, unless i forgot to post this, which is very likely but bear with me)

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So today we start at the beginning, The Magician's Nephew. [Update on reading progress] I am halfway through already! (blame either my incredible reading skills, dedication to a read-along, only part time job and lacking social life or love for Narnia, pick one but all are true.) As it stands Jadis and her lackey (sometimes known as Uncle Andrew or Mr Ketterley) are wrecking havoc in London in deliciously humorous and delightfully endearing C. S. Lewis style. (pardon all the frightfully outdated English, I've read utterly too many old books and I quite like it for another).

As it stands I'll probably finish the book before nightfall, and statistically the series in a week (alas that part-time job is a bit of a menace in that regard, two or three weeks more likely). Last Narnia update for today, I've finally bought my own set of The Chronicles of Narnia. A charming set on its way now from dear ole England (appropriate think you not?) so it will take a while to arrive (a post when it does! I'll try at any rate).

So will you yet join us as we make our way through one of my favorite series and definitely my favorite realm?

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  1. Dawwww this was so adorable what

    1. Glad you like it:) I think I went a little overboard.