Wednesday, 26 August 2015

What's up Wednesdays?

The fact that I forgot about Awkward Wednesday posts until I saw Abby's post on Castles in the Air. Is it Wednesday already?

Getting 35g of stamps cheap on Ebay, and loving the variety! I Even got two from Greenland, two from Vatican state and some from Australia, New Zealand, Jamaica, Kenya, Ireland, British Guiana (google that one:), Israel, Jordan, Ceylon (Sri Lanka now), Sudan, Iraq and tons more! 

Wearing a long skirt on an outing and tripping all over myself the entire time, at least it didn't rip.

Marineland's Dragon roller coaster!

Looking for my brother, finding a boy that looks like him and tapping him on the shoulder saying "Let's go slowpoke!". The boy's face was priceless.

These dresses I found on Pinterest, aren't they gorgeous?!!

I would wear each one to a dance!

Being the only one screaming on the roller coaster (the big one thank you) just my luck to end up on a ride with all the coaster enthusiasts who have been on worse rides.


This bedroom

This secret room!!!!!

I wanted this in my house so bad when i was little! It just made more sense (it still makes more sense)


(I'm going to have to do a whole post on all the awesome things I'm going to put into my dream home) cause I'm really just a big kid.

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Totally relatable!

Ignorance is bliss. Wanna trade?


You're so interesting! (No idea what the question was)

I get this a lot in the Summer

I do this all the time (sorry)

Story of my life!

I'm terrible with names! (It's even worse when they know your name)

I hate it. Another thing to add to that would be:

Yawning in church, (which waters your eyes) so you try to wipe your eyes without looking like you're crying and the sermon is somehow too touching when you really can't relate.
Happens every Sunday.

Did no one miss me?!!!!!!

Or 10 tabs, and 5 of them playing music, and your volume is up too high.

This is totally my department

I for one don't like it when people sing happy birthday to me.

Oh no you don't! I will squeeze it out of you now! You can't do this to me. I WANT AN ANSWER!!!

The boy who cried wolf*

And I don't know why I bothered

Yes? No? Maybe? uh... I guess? Nope.

Something is conspiring against me!

It isn't even funny.

I'm not kidding, it wasn't there a moment ago!

I'm so smart!

So relatable!

Kids these days!

And you come out like you were in a trance, having missed half the class.

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

What's up Wednesdays?

I'm busy tomorrow (the actual wednesday) so I'll post this a day early:)

The outer part of your bathing suit floating up like a balloon in the whirlpool area of the public swimming pool.

I'm pretty fast with the dolphin kick and I can hold my breath for almost 20 seconds while swimming (and holding your breath while exercising is hard)

I want a pool like this paradise!

Walking into a "pull" door when it's a "push" door, at the ice cream parlor

My paper dolls finally arrived! (I collect them) Tom Tierney's "Charlotte of the Old South" and "Italian Renaissance costumes" are hard to find cheap.

Eating a snack, the phone ringing and my mom handing it to me saying "it's for you" I still have my mouth full but don't want to keep them waiting so "Chello dish ish Alishia" (wipes crumbs from the phone)

Homemade S'mores ice cream!

It's the story of my life

Going to Marineland!

I can't seem to compile too much in one week for this, so I'm thinking I'll make this a bi-weekly thing (Unless I have a really interesting week)

Monday, 17 August 2015

Hear it from an Introvert

I'm not shy, and I don't have a social anxiety. I simply take in the world.

I love being with people, and spending time with friends! I love going places and exploring. But alone time is as important, that's how we recharge.

They say that quiet people have the loudest minds. We are not boring.

We may be good listeners but we have things to say too, give us a chance.

Just because we are doing a quiet activity by ourselves, it does not necessarily mean "Somethings wrong"

Upholding a conversation isn't really our forte, but the better we know you the less that really matters.

We're not quiet 24/7, we have our "more extroverted" days. (to a certain extent)

We prefer to be the ones behind the camera.

Just because I don't cheer for my team, doesn't mean I'm not rooting for them!

Pay attention to our writing, it's how we express ourselves without getting talked over.


Saturday, 15 August 2015

The Music Tag

This tag was made by Morgan who tagged Olivia, and Olivia left it open to anyone so I tagged myself (because I am an anyone). A Music tag was too good to pass up, and I haven't had a tag float my way in a while so here we go.

Rules: Answer the questions on your blog. (You can have more than one answer)

It's that simple, but I am going to link back to Olivia's blog, and tell you right now that if I tag you, it's optional to take the tag. (It's not a sentence!) So let's get right into it.

Who is your favorite band or artist?
Hmmm let's see. I don't really have a favorite band,  my favorite artists are Shania Twain, Gwen Stefani, Shakira, and I do like to listen to Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson.

Who is your favorite male singer?
Elvis Presley. 
(Call me old call me whatcha will, tell me I'm weird say I'm over the hill, I take those old records off the shelf, I'll sit and listen to 'em by myself. Today's music ain't got the same soul! I like that old time rock and roll! - that is a actual song)

Who is your favorite female artist?
Shania Twain (and she is Canadian!)

What is your favorite "type" of music?
I don't like just one or two, I like a lot of music (*takes deep breath*) Soundtracks, almost anything Hans Zimmer, Christian, classical (Bach, Mozart, Vivaldi ect.) Rock and Roll from the 50s and 60s, some 80s music, pop, R&B, orchestral music, some country, Celtic, Native American, folk ballads, traditional Chinese music... I could go on but you get the idea.

What is your favorite musical? (It can be a movie or broadway)
Is Mary Poppins a musical?  Is just about every Disney movie a musical? If not then I don't know. If yes, I can't decide.

Have you ever seen a musical performed on stage?
Not unless Christmas pageants count (And half the kids sing half-heartedly because they don't want to be in the pageant in the first place.)

What is your favorite song duet?
I'm going to take this as a any-duet question, because I'm not into operas. Can I just chose a Disney movie? Because I really like "I see the light" from Tangled.

What do you think is the best music score?
Currently I must say "The Lonely Shepherd"  by Gheorghe Zamfir.

Do you play any instruments? If so for how long?
I started teaching myself piano (on a keyboard) with books by Nancy Poffenberger, I'm not as far as I would be with a teacher but I can play. I taught myself the Melodica, (if you can play piano you can play melodica:) And I have been taking lessons and playing the Violin for about a month.

A Melodica

Have you ever been to a concert(s)?
Not one of those big places filled with screaming people (no thank you). But my town asks bands/musical groups to give a small concert for free, a new group every Thursday throughout the Summer, I go there every so often.

Now I will tag everyone I can think of (But feel free to do the tag even if you weren't specifically tagged)

I tag:
Abigail (Castles in the air)
Clara (Reasons to Smile)
Meredith (On stories and Words)
Bekah (Bekah the Bookworm)

And anyone else who wants to, I tag you too!