Saturday, 8 August 2015

Blogging Help: Putting music on your blog

I've decided to start a new series, Blogging help. I am in no way a seasoned blogger, I want this to be more of a"how to put ________ on your blog" I like fiddling around with video games, and learning how to use powerpoint and blogger. It took me the longest time just to find out how to put up a header and for those of you (seasoned or new) who are wondering how to put something on your blog (today's post, music) here is know-how.

If you have any ideas for "Blogging Help" let me know in the Comments, and if I know how, I will do a post about it, feel free to do a "Blogging Help" post on your blog, and let me know so that I can see it!

I had come across only one blogger with music on their blog, Laura's blog at "An odd blog" I noticed that it said SCM music player so I googled it and then figured out how to put music on my blog. Here are the steps:

First go to SCM "seamless music for you website" Here is the link, if you want to change something later go the site again and make your changes, your playlist is always saved on the site for you to go to later. (I took pictures, sorry they aren't very clear and there is light/glare)

You scroll down to Setup Wizard and pick a "skin" (it will show up at the top of the page so you know what it looks like, I chose grey for example)

You click next to find this page, you write the song title in the box on the left and paste a link to that song on the right. (You can use MP3, but I don't know how. I suggest youtube or soundcloud, and copy and paste the link)

Then the next page lets you adjust some settings like auto play (which I have) repeat mode placement (I suggest top) and volume. Then click "Done".

Lastly it will give you your playlists HTML script copy this before moving on to part two.


The SCM music player was pretty self explanatory, but actually putting the HTML script on my blog I found to be more confusing, until I finally figured it out, and its very easy! 

Go to your blog, go to layout and add a gadget.

Get HTML/JavaScript 

Leave the title box empty, paste your HTML script into the big box and save! (You can leave the gadget anywhere on your sidebar, it will not be visible on your blog.)

I hope that was a simple enough step-by-step guide.