Monday, 28 September 2015

5 Favorite Male Characters Tag

It feels like I haven't posted in forever! And while that's not really possible, I...

Well I did find some time so I'll get straight to it! Abigail tagged me for the (currently popular) "5 favorite male character tag" 

RULES: (But they are more like guidelines...)

-List 5 of your favorite male characters, book or screen
-Tagging other people is optional
-If you are tagged, link back to the person who tagged you (Abigail)
-Link back to revealed in time (link)

-Choose one from each category:

1. Hero
2. Villain
3. Anti-hero
(# 2 and 3 are basically the same to me)
4. Best book to screen adaption
5. Best character perception

Edmund (The Chronicles of Narnia)
This choice needs no explanations or JUSTification (I'm so punny today:) I would say more but I don't know how to start without giving you a persuasive essay.  

Lord Voldemort (Harry Potter)
I've actually never read the books or watched the movies (I've watched clips and read about the characters on the wiki page) but from what I nose, he is very evil (and pretty creepy too).

Biff Tannen (Back to the Future)
This guy is a bully, he knows what he wants, how to get it and who he can easily exploit, he has the hallmark of a villain, as he is smart but uses it to his own gain and brings down others in the process.

Best book to screen adaption
Harry Potter (Harry Potter series)
Again, I only know so much (and who am I to judge with my limited knowledge concerning this fandom?) Charles Dickens language aside, The entire movie series seems pretty true to the books, Harry Potter especially. 

Best character perception
Jack Sparrow (Pirates of the Caribbean)
"There should be a Captain in there somewhere"
Let me say (again) that no one other than Johnny Depp would be able to portray Captain Jack Sparrow. That's all I need to say (he simply had to be on the list)

So that concludes my post, did you agree? Disagree? Did you get all my puns and references? Huh? Huh? huh?

I have a big urge to watch all four POTC movies and read all Narnia books... and start on Harry Potter too....

Sunday, 13 September 2015

Un-wearable fashion of Fall 2015

First off i apologize for not posting anything in awhile, I just survive my "first" week of highschool, by that i mean a brick and mortar high school (I'm a sophomore, not a freshmen) anyways...

I was browsing various sites just to see what is "Fashionable" this Fall (and if you ever browsed any fashions from the big names, you will know that models are the first, last and only people to ever wear most of those atrocities.) If you haven't and perhaps think I'm overdoing it, let me show you what is fashionable this Autumn. Would you ever wear any of the outfits on a regular day?

Pajamas met futuristic collars

A tripping, choking and wardrobe malfunction hazard all in one outfit!

Like something out of a cartoon, after the character burned their clothes but remained unscathed otherwise

What do you do when you have a lot of scraps lying around? You make it into a fashionable outfit!

A pillowcase with a zipper sewn onto the front...

Not the worst on this list, but not something you'd wear on a trip to the grocery shop either

I don't know what to say... except that her piercings aren't helping the look at all 

Haha! Somebody has no sewing skills... wait, what? It's high end fashion?!!!!

It... could be worse! I think...

It makes a sharp statement! (Pardon the pun)

And it's not for Halloween

The face on the farthest right says it all

That coat would look better on a man who is 6.6 

That red fur ruined it, and those boots must be a pain to put on

Oversized coats must be in...

So that concludes the list, and I want to say that I get it, this fashion is an "art form" (but poking fun at things is an entertainment form, so there!) Still even "The most wearable fashions of Fall 2015" are pretty ridiculous, let's face it, its brands like "Reitmans" "Laura Petites" and Old Navy" that truly sell wearable clothes. And on these "Most fashionable" lists, i did find a few things I'd wear, but not really. And i am taking fashion at school, so we get to look at fashion like this (it's art) and analyze it.

Did you find anything on the list that you would wear?

Monday, 7 September 2015

Dream cast for... the new Narnia Movie!!!!!!!!

Have you heard the news?!!! It's official! They are making a fourth Narnia movie, The Silver Chair!

dancing animated GIF

And so I will list my dream cast for this movie! (And I might get carried away and put in my dream cast for The Horse and his Boy, The Magician's Nephew and The Last Battle:) But we'll see (I hope they come out with those movies too!) But now on to The Silver Chair!

 Will Poulter as Eustace Scrubb

He is older now, (22) and I never liked him as Eustace, but I hate recasts and 
he has become the face of Eustace, so it better stay that way.

Peter Dinklage as Trumpkin

Ben Barnes as King Caspian X

 Natalie Portman as Lady of the Green Kirtle

Johnny Depp as Puddleglum

Willow Shields as Jill Pole

James Marsden as Prince Rilian

And that concludes my list! Are you excited about the another Narnia movie?

Thursday, 3 September 2015

The end of the Summer tag

Abigail at Castles in The air has created this tag and tagged me, thank you Abby!

Thank the blogger who tagged you and link back to their blog
Answer the questions
Tag as many people as you can!

1. How was your Summer?

Busy and incredibly short.

2. What was a highlight for you?

Hmmm I guess going to Marineland a lot, and surviving a Summer school course on politics.

3.What was the best thing you did?

Going on the Dragon roller coaster at Marineland! (But nothing short of a million dollars will convince me to ride the skyscreamer) oh, and finally taking Violin lessons was awesome too!

4.What was the worst thing about your Summer

Summer ending, summer school, and swimmers ear tie.

5.What was one of the craziest things you did this Summer?

Can't think of anything, I will update when I find something!

6. What books were you reading?

The chronicles of Narnia! Those were the big ones, I can't remember the others.

7.Are you going to School or staying at home

I'm leaving the club to become "One of those public school children" (*gasp!*)

8.Are you excited about School? 

Yes and No.

9.What was the highlight of last year's School year?

Finishing it. (Don't mean to be so drab, but I'm not one of those "I love school!" people)

10.Are you looking forward to Fall weather, and Winter?

Honestly I'm counting down till next Summer, (but something exciting is happening next Summer!!!)

Basically everybody I know in the blogger world (so far) has been tagged, so I tag:

Clara (at Reasons to smile)

And to make this list look longer I tag those of you who were already tagged as well


And anyone else who wants to do the tag!

What's up Wednesdays?

Before I go straight into this weeks list, I must apologize (I think) for my sparse posts, School starts next week, and I'm just enjoying the rest of my summer (and recovering from swimmer's ear, it's nasty I tell ya!) Plus Piano and Violin lessons in the Fall, I might not be heard from too much in the next month. But excuses aside, my phone has been ringing off the hook begging for today's post!
(Not really, but my sister made sure to remind me it's wednesday, there certain people waiting to hear what I will say about a certain incident)

I still have one week of vacation left... maybe thats a sad thing.

My entire week. (Must I elaborate?)

A certain sibling's floor is visible again after months of chaos. (You know who you are!)

Practicing my Violin and my entire family decides its a good evening for taking a walk.

My new bike! I've been riding my Dad's bike for the summer, but (it's ugly) my new bike has a rack attached to the back for carrying stuff, the bike is a red/pink (or very dark pink with a hint of red) with black accessories.

My 6 month old brother throwing up his white milk on the front of my black dress, in public too! He isn't sick, some babies just throw up a lot because they still have and underdeveloped digestive system, and he was born early. Were used to it, but it's still not nice (to say the least!) I can't even count how many times I've had to change clothes after babysitting him.

The jewelry box I found at a thrift store, it's old but has lot's of storage space! (And it plays music when you pull out the bottom drawer)

It looks something like this but a bit thinner, not as nice, more of a "fixer upper" and brown... basically it doesn't look anything like this.

Setting my alarm to p.m instead of a.m by accident, three days in a row.

My Mom and I setting up an Etsy shop, I'll post a link to it when it's ready!)

There is that one moment that I have avoided putting into words, all I will say is: "You see there was this rip, in my jumper..." (I'm sure you'll be hearing of it elsewhere)... say it's hot in here! Well the forecast is something around 35c... I feel like 50c.

Anywho, I've been tagged so I guess you will be getting another post soon (I'm pretty quick at tags:)