Thursday, 3 September 2015

The end of the Summer tag

Abigail at Castles in The air has created this tag and tagged me, thank you Abby!

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1. How was your Summer?

Busy and incredibly short.

2. What was a highlight for you?

Hmmm I guess going to Marineland a lot, and surviving a Summer school course on politics.

3.What was the best thing you did?

Going on the Dragon roller coaster at Marineland! (But nothing short of a million dollars will convince me to ride the skyscreamer) oh, and finally taking Violin lessons was awesome too!

4.What was the worst thing about your Summer

Summer ending, summer school, and swimmers ear tie.

5.What was one of the craziest things you did this Summer?

Can't think of anything, I will update when I find something!

6. What books were you reading?

The chronicles of Narnia! Those were the big ones, I can't remember the others.

7.Are you going to School or staying at home

I'm leaving the club to become "One of those public school children" (*gasp!*)

8.Are you excited about School? 

Yes and No.

9.What was the highlight of last year's School year?

Finishing it. (Don't mean to be so drab, but I'm not one of those "I love school!" people)

10.Are you looking forward to Fall weather, and Winter?

Honestly I'm counting down till next Summer, (but something exciting is happening next Summer!!!)

Basically everybody I know in the blogger world (so far) has been tagged, so I tag:

Clara (at Reasons to smile)

And to make this list look longer I tag those of you who were already tagged as well


And anyone else who wants to do the tag!


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    1. You're welcome:) But Abby tagged you first, so thank her.