Monday, 29 June 2015

My Siblings from A-Z

I want to try some new post ideas one I came across was doing an A-Z on a topic, so I am going to do an A-Z about siblings (I have four of them:)

You decide if this is a good thing or not, either way you are stuck with them 

Some are sweet, some are annoying (rolls eyes towards a certain brother) some are bossy some are nice either way... they are stuck with you you are stuck with them:)

At least they are suppose to be... right?

Whether you are the oldest, the youngest or in the middle at some point you muttered this under your breath because said sibling appeared to have lost all common sense or thinking skills

Maybe they are everywhere because you have a lot of them or it's because they are stalking you always tagging along

Everyone has that one sibling that looks so innocent...

Once they grow up (I'm still waiting:P)

For the most part (I'm guessing) you are at peace with you siblings and they are at peace with you.

Sometime you want to kick them out of the house or move out yourself, but you are siblings so you have to make the best of that do things together

Most siblings are a rowdy bunch and they like it:)

Sometimes you know why a sibling is upset and what to do about that  better than your parents

This is especially true for older siblings who often have to look out for the younger ones

Most of the time your siblings are not out to get you (I know my three year old sister did not mean to color my books with a black marker... but I am still angry!)

Well most of the time anyway.

Not always of course, but enough times.

Especially if you just moved somewhere and you don't know anybody, or when you are bored and can't have any friends over

(Especially those toddlers, they can be hilarious!)

It's currently debatable, I'll see about that again when they are in their 30s...

Its scary how many times my sister and I say something in unicent

There is always that one sibling is trying to get on the good side of Mama while excluding themselves from the sibling club (of course they tattle about being excluded too...)

They are just there, Sometimes you resent them some are just adorable little kids but for the most part we don't usually think too much about them.

Sure I'd sell my brother:P But I wouldn't let him get kidnapped.

Well this is 50/50 and changes from day to day...

My brother will bang a stick on anything for the sheer pleasure of hitting something (well... he has pretend fights with... romans, don't ask me)

For the most part my siblings are passive aggressive but if you have never resorted to at least a shout you are either mute, passive or not normal. (And don't go telling me you never fight with your siblings!) unless you're an only child... in which case the entire list does not apply to you.

It can get a little wild at my house:)

Well thats my first A-Z list, I hope it was entertaining:)

Friday, 26 June 2015

I've redone my look...

I have dropped the pink and orange theme to go with simpler "softer" colors. (White, blue and light pink) Blue is actually my favorite color, so I needed some of that. White goes well with blue and I needed just a bit of pink.

I've been meaning to change my header for a while, my whole look was same/same. It took me a couple of days to find just the right pictures for this (I love vintage looks!) When Abby changed her look at Castles in the Air I figured I might as well since there was something I didn't quite like (but couldn't put my finger on) I think the look was just too much. (bright pink and orange and just too much color)

But I couldn't bring myself to do a very simple look (so this is as simple as it will ever get:) I will probably change it again, it's not that I'm indecisive but I like to freshen up my look every now and then or I get bored with it.  I know some people hate change (like my siblings) but I need it (so I hope you are able to live with that:)

I'm kind of redoing the sidebar every now and again so it doesn't get boring as well. (because I know that when I have viewed a blog enough times I don't even pay attention to the side bar anymore) so this a heads up that you may find something new there every now and then.


Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Tagged again!.

And I love it! (Tags are so much fun) This time I was tagged by Clara at Reasons to Smile, thank you Clara! (well its kind of another nomination, though I'm not sure what the difference is:) Anywho I've been nominated/tagged for the:

Thank and link to the blogger/s who nominated you
Answer the 11 questions
Nominate/tag 11 bloggers and ask them 11 questions

Lets get right into it then!

"If you could ask your future self one question, what would it be?"

Hmm this one is hard. I guess... I'dd ask my future self if there is something I did/will do (or something I didn't do) that she (my future self) regrets, so that I can change it by doing or not doing it. (I hope that doesn't sound too confusing... but it probably does:)

"What is your middle name?"

Kyra, (like Kira) It's Greek and means "Enthroned"

"What shoe size are you?"

Gosh these really are random! Nine and a half if you must know:)

"What would your hero name be?"

Blanditia Obduro (those are Latin words by the way)

"Do you like Nutella on toast?"

I eat it everyday! (every single day...)

"What is your favorite foreign accent"

I can't really decide between spanish and scottish...

"Describe this scene in 3-8 words"

words fail me (does that count? I really haven't the foggiest idea of what I would call this, they could look sad but not really, maybe its been a hard day but the older girl looks hopeful the other one I really haven't a clue)

"Have you ever take a train?"
Yes 2 or 3 times, and the subway as well. I once got a short ride on one of those really old fashioned trains, the conductor came in and punched the first letter of our name into the ticket,  kind of like in the "Polar Express" I haven't seen that movie in ages...

"If you had to sing solo at a concert, which song would you choose to sing?"

Sing? Solo?! In front of people?!! Me?!!!!! Not happening. But if it did I would probably choose something like "My Jolly Sailor Bold" something that doesn't really have any high notes.

"How do you do your hair on a busy morning?"

Five strokes with a hairbrush and a headband... actually I do that everyday...

"If you could automatically obtain a skill, what would it be?"

Hmmm I think it should be something interesting, something rare...  I think I would love the uncanny ability to sense danger (would be helpful) not that I come across too many dangers... but I'm sure the need will arise at some point in my life.

Thank you so much for the tag Clara! Now I nominate Abby at Castles in the Air (because 11 is a tall order for a fairly new blogger:) and if you find my questions interesting or you want to answer them go right ahead, I tag you!

My questions:

-Do you like to read Comics?
-Least favorite character from Narnia?
-Favorite cartoon? 
-Favorite "oldie" sitcom?What is one country that you definitely want to visit someday?
-If you could be in any movie what movie would you pick and what character would you play?
-Favorite character from a movie that was not based on a book?
-Favorite Elizabeth Swann outfit?
-Do you like peanut butter and jam/jelly sandwiches?
-If you could ask a famous person alive today a question, who would you ask and what would you ask?
-Is there a movie coming out this year, that you would really like to watch?
If you had the chance and went to Narnia, would you ever return or live your life there?

Have fun!

Monday, 22 June 2015

I have been nominated!

Abby at Castles in the Air has nominated me for "Sisterhood of the world bloggers award", Thank you for your nomination Abby:)

Here are the rules:

-Thank the blogger(s) who nominated you linking back to their blog(s)            
-Put the award logo on your blog                                                                        
-Answer the ten questions                                                                  
-Make up 10 new questions for your nominees                                                    
-Nominate 10 blogs

Let's get started!

What is your favorite type of weather... rain, sun, snow, ect.
A warm sunny (but not blazing) brilliant blue-skyed, slightest hint of breeze (not windy) kind of day, maybe just a cloud here and there...and the birds singing.

If you could be transported back in time, or to the future, which would you choose?
I don't mean to sound like an old sap, but just the other day I was thinking about how bad everything has gotten in recent years (meaning evil) just about every tv show (and movie) features all kinds of evil things that are now considered "Normal" homosexuality, divorce, fornification, all of that. And I do sometimes wish I lived in a simpler time... So I would definitely go back in time (not too far, just the 30s or something. Though I do love pioneer times... and besides... What terrible things may I find in the future? (book reference)

Do you like the smell of old books?
Do I LIKE the smell of old books? No. I LOVE IT!!! I live and breathe books, they are everywhere (literally everywhere you can't step or sit down on a clear space) Well that's my house anyways...

What does music mean to you?
Hmmm... what does it mean to me. Well I don't think I could live without it. There is constantly a tune in my head, I almost never do stuff like blogging or something else on my computer without opening another window somewhere with music on it. So I guess to me its one of life's essentials, just like food or sleep.

Favorite Narnia character? (so far)
Well as you know it used to be Edmund, but funny thing I do believe it's ole Puddleglum now (big surprise huh?)

Favorite Fashion time period? (Regency, Victorian ect)
Taking comfort considerations out of this, I guess I always come back to Victorian fashion, they just had so many lovely dresses... the hairstyles were nice too...

Which do you enjoy better, reading or writing?
Jimminy why must you make it so darn hard? (I shall evade direct confrontation, Huh!) It will depend on the day (maybe even the hour) right now I say reading (though I am writing not reading right now aren't I?) well saturday It was reading, Sunday was writing today I am rambling... I can't do it!!! I throw this evil question back at you, which do you enjoy more Abby? (villainous-grin-because-I-bet-you-will-struggle-too)

If you had the opportunity to go to Narnia, would you take it ?
What kind of question is that?!! If I offered you a million dollars would you say "No thanks"? If someone said "make a wish, any wish, it will be granted" would you decline? If... I think I make myself clear... (I can be such a rambler) believe me I had to edit this answer to assure your ears don't fall of.

If you could be on a movie production team, what position would you choose? (Actors are not allowed)
How about actresses? (just kidding) Well this is a quandary... I just took Careers in school and two positions I actually have in my "consideration box" are costume designer or stage/set designer, I am leaning towards the latter...

How would you define your personality?
This question was unexpected. Hmmm, as you can tell from my blog I do like sarcasm (nothing mean you understand) joking, babbling, some romance, creative stuff... I'll try to sum it up (Take a big breath) here goes! "A-sarcastic-funny (I hope) -quiet-but-observant-passionate-loyal-mostly-reliable (I do lose everything!) -creative-romantic-at-heart. (Don't ponder the last line, at heart means you won't be hearing too much of it:) By losing everything I mean items by the way, not "the loser" type of person...

I nominate Clara at Reasons to Smile, and anyone else who has not been nominated yet:)

Here are my 10 (random) questions:

1) Do you prefer dresses/skirts or pants?
2) Favorite Disney movie growing up?
3) Name one character from a book you wish were your friend
4) If you could have any animal in the world for a pet (and it's tame) what would you pick?
5) If you could learn a new language in a month, what language would you chose?
6) Who is your favorite Author?
7) Is there something you collect? (stamps, hats, certain comics whatever:)
8) If you had just one wish what would it be?
9) If you won a million dollars what would you do with it?
10) How do you feel about thunderstorms? (do you love them hate them or not care?)

Have fun!

Also, sorry for talking like a Charles Dickens novel half the time, I hope you understood half of what you were reading:)

Sunday, 21 June 2015

A post about Narnia

It's not the most creative title, but it best sums up today's post. I have finally picked up the Chronicles of Narnia, (no I was not hiding under a rock my whole life:) I read "The Horse and his Boy" a few years back, I watched all three movies and listened to all the CDs (so I'm not as oblivious as I might have started out sounding like) I read "The Silver Chair" and then "The Magicians Nephew", I'm not sure which to read next, probably "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe", I want to save "The Last Battle" for last because I always hate reading the last book in a good series, I'd rather the adventure never end. But anyways (I do ramble so!) Here are some things I like about Narnia, I wish, I wonder, I found out, etcetera.

I didn't know Aslan had 9 names with nine meanings (still have to look up the names and meanings though)

I took rather a liking to ole Puddleglum in "The Silver Chair" and I found myself saying (well muttering) "I Shouldn't wonder", I will be turning into a glum little (well actually tall) Marshwiggle myself I shouldn't wonder"... 

What I thought of Prince Rilian. I think he is a loyal, sincere and kindhearted prince, no offence to Prince Rilian fans, but he went head over heels to go avenge his mother (noble but just a tad rash) going alone (probably not a good idea at any time in these situations) he winds up a servant of the witch (granted she is charming and conniving, and he was also alone -his own fault) And then he needs two children to rescue him (of course all three would have ended up slaves under a spell if not for good ole sensible Puddleglum). Just a little rash but a very noble prince.

Favorite quote so far:

"I'm on Aslan's side even if there isn't any Aslan to lead it. I'm going to live as like a Narnian as I can even if there isn't any Narnia"

Ah good ole Puddleglum. And it sounds like something any Narnian fan can take on as a motto. (Because my realistic side is not hopeful of finding the wardrobe or a yellow ring) or water spilling out of a painting or .... For goodness sakes here I go rambling on and spoiling the mood all in one go!  I'll probably find I'm related to a Marshwiggle I shouldn't wonder...

I wish there were more books about Narnia, I would love a book about things that happened after Digory and Polly left, a book about King Frank and Queen Helena first rulers of Narnia (I do wonder why her name was changed, Queen Nellie doesn't sound as royal but quite nice if you ask me.) 

I would also love a book that tells the story of the events leading up to "The Narnian Ice Age" as it were, how the Witch came to such power, what she was up to between the time Digory and Polly visited and before the Pevensies came.  

Well that will be all for now, If I don't start reading again soon I'm afraid it will drive me simply mad!

Thursday, 18 June 2015

The Beauty of Summer Sunsets

I have been taking pictures of the gorgeous summer sunsets lately, it's like the sky is a big blue canvas and an artist has been painting tufts of white with strokes of pink, orange, red and lavender. It really looks like a giant painting, my camera can't do it justice but I hope you enjoy the pictures!

Strange but awesome!


Just... Gorgeous...

Cotton candy...

Do you prefer sunsets or sunrises?