Sunday, 14 June 2015

Colonial Silver

(I am bringing over posts from my closed craft blog to Sweet N Salty for you to view)

Something different today, a few years ago (when I was about 12) my Mom was teaching us (my siblings and I are home schooled) about Paul Revere, and we started looking at the silver he made, as well as other silver from the colonial era. Feeling inspired I made a set of dishes myself (using mostly cardboard and plastic bottles, whatever I have on hand at the time).  I also made some salt dough and made food to go with the dishes. It is not doll sized, its the size of a little girl's play kitchen set.

First off, a big silver platter and a loaf of sourdough bread (all dishes are covered in aluminum foil to make them look silver) and a bread knife.

To go with the bread, some cheese and butter

Pot of soup

(popcorn kernels for soup)

And of course, a silver ladle,

And a woven pot holder

On to dishes...

Footed cups (like goblets) the bottom is the top part of a bottle and the top is the bottom part of a water bottle.

Two deep silver dishes that can hold soup or bread

There are two knives, two spoons and two forks

A milk pitcher and a cider pitcher

The candle sticks are the top parts of a water bottle
Let's start dessert off with some cake...

... and a cherry pie with lattice crust

where there's cake, there's cream

A pie lifter

Peanut butter cookies (not very colonial, but the dish is)

Napkin holder and cloth napkins

To complete the set, a silver vase and a bouquet of flowers.

So that is my Paul Revere inspired colonial dish set, I hope you enjoyed it!

Salt dough recipe

1/2 cup water
1/2 cup salt
1 cup flour

Mix the ingredients carefully, I suggest adding the water last so you know when enough is enough. When sticky enough (not too sticky) start kneading (like bread), and then make whatever you want!

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