Friday, 26 June 2015

I've redone my look...

I have dropped the pink and orange theme to go with simpler "softer" colors. (White, blue and light pink) Blue is actually my favorite color, so I needed some of that. White goes well with blue and I needed just a bit of pink.

I've been meaning to change my header for a while, my whole look was same/same. It took me a couple of days to find just the right pictures for this (I love vintage looks!) When Abby changed her look at Castles in the Air I figured I might as well since there was something I didn't quite like (but couldn't put my finger on) I think the look was just too much. (bright pink and orange and just too much color)

But I couldn't bring myself to do a very simple look (so this is as simple as it will ever get:) I will probably change it again, it's not that I'm indecisive but I like to freshen up my look every now and then or I get bored with it.  I know some people hate change (like my siblings) but I need it (so I hope you are able to live with that:)

I'm kind of redoing the sidebar every now and again so it doesn't get boring as well. (because I know that when I have viewed a blog enough times I don't even pay attention to the side bar anymore) so this a heads up that you may find something new there every now and then.



  1. Very pretty Alicia!! I love the photo choices!! Oh, and I got picked up my violin… It is gorgeous!!!

    1. Thanks! Thats great! My Mom is taking me on tuesday, I'm counting down the days:) Does it squeak a lot at first?