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About Me, Myself and I

Hello my name is Alicia, I am 17 and welcome to my blog Sweet N Salty. When it comes to the name it basically means that this sort of a "variety blog" I don't have a particular theme. I will be posting about anything and everything, things I find interesting, things I've learned, books I've read, movies I've seen and everything in between! My passions are music, I don't remember when i first started teaching myself some piano on our old keyboard, but i've officially been taking lessons for two years and finally own a piano as of this year (yay) I also love world Geography, (coming into my room you will notice the big map of the world, the globe on my desk and a stack of cards with flags on them (I also like to memorize the flags of the world). Another passion is collecting, I collect stamps from around the world (my great-grandfather started the collection, it's been handed down since) I also collect postcards (from around the world of course:) and paper dolls (no theme here, but Tom Tierney is preferred) I also love to read and collect books, that's just a given:) But putting all that aside, Most importantly, I am a Christian and I strive to live my life for Jesus.

Some things you should know:

First off, I'm a girl (in case it wasn't obvious already:) 
I live in Ontario Canada (so now you know where my day to day life takes place)
And I live in an average sized town (not huge but definitely not a village)
I am quite a rambler, but I edit my posts before publishing (your eyes will thank me)
And I do hope you enjoy my blog and leave a comment!

My Profile:

Fan of:

I collect

Paper dolls by Tom Tierney (there are so many!) he is a great artist, but unfortunately some of his paper dolls are rare and hard to find (or expensive if you do find it) He makes all kinds of paper dolls, Presidents, royalty, film, fashion throughout the ages, American families of different time periods (the possibilities are endless!) I find, buy, cut out and sort every paper doll into folders (and I have stacks of them)

I also collect stamps from all over the world. My Great-grandfather started the collection and it has been handed down to the oldest child ever since, my oldest stamps are from the second world war and I have stamps from just about every continent (except the Arctics:) 

I also collect postcards from around the world (I don't have a big collection yet, but they are from several countries and states)

Random facts:

I love watching clouds, and my favorite thing in Nature is the sky
I love to photograph flowers
I was born in Germany (and fluent in German too:) 
My favorite movies ever are the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise
My favorite books ever are The Chronicles of Narnia and Harry Potter
I love animated Disney Movies
My favorite actor is Johnny Depp (and I watch as many of his movies as I can:)
I was formally homeschooled, but now attend public school
If I sound like a Charles Dickens novel I probably just put down an old books and got "into the mood"



  1. Nice to meet you Alicia!

    I also love the Narnia book series! C.S. Lewis is a great author.
    I like collecting postcards too! I really like ones that are old fashioned/vintage looking. :)
    I am a homeschooled graduate.

    Can't wait to read more! :D

    1. Thanks for stopping by! Yes C.S Lewis was brilliant, I haven't read any of his other books but anyone who created the world of Narnia has to be a genius. I Love vintage pictures too! Especially ones with flowers, musical instruments and used-to-be-common household items. (such as typewriters, old phones and bikes). And though currently homeschooled (till September) I'll be leaving "the Club" and become "one of those public school kids", just to see what it's like.

    2. Yes, he was brilliant. I have read Mere Christianity and have read some of The Screwtape Letters. YES! I love vintage things! Typewriters are awesome! I like the one you used for your header. So cute! :) Old phones and bikes, yesss. They are so neat. :D

  2. You were born in Germany? Cool! I just lived there for a year :D

    1. Really?!! Did you like it? Where in Germany?

  3. Nice to meet you! Sounds like we have much in common :)