Sunday, 24 May 2015

Movie Review: Disney's Mulan 1998

So I just finished watching Mulan, and I've decided to do a movie review. (Yes I will do some other reviews other than Disney movies...someday...maybe:) Anyways, I know my Tangled "review" was basically telling you the whole movie. Today, I won't (sorry:) But I will give you plenty of GIFs!


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Mulan is a young independent Chinese woman during the Han Dynasty who's outspoken and independent nature frequently get her into trouble. Though her family has hopes of her marrying, a trip to the the village "Match maker" turns out disastrous. 

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When the Huns invade China, one man from every family is ordered to fight for the emperor. As the only male in the family, Mulan's crippled father must go.

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Fearing that her father will not survive the harsh training or battle, Mulan  cuts her hair and steals her fathers orders, armor and sword. She then makes her way to the training camp, accompanied by a "Lucky" cricket and a small funny dragon named Mushu, who takes upon himself to guide Mulan.

mulan animated GIF

And then... you have to watch the movie to find out. (I can't give away everything this time!)

Review (*More Spoilers)

I liked the Mulan movie, it was all the classic Disney stuff (singing, a small thin and a big fat villain, small romance in the end (tiny) ect) Though there isn't a wedding in the end like you might have expected (not even a kiss for you romantics out there) you are going to have to watch Mulan II for that. (Which I have not seen yet myself). If you are strict about things like these, the family does pray to their ancestors (as was common then) but I have to say its a hilarious bunch! Mushu also has his funny moments, as does Mulan's Grandmother. I do like the soundtrack there are some good songs and great music in the film. There are times when you hold your breath (if you are really into it) as well as sad, sweet and hilarious moments! I would definitely recommend that you watch this movie! 

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