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Tag: Top 10 Theme Songs

I recently discovered this thing called "Tags" where you are "tagged"  to answer some questions on a certain topic (such as screen characters). So I decided to start my own tag "Theme songs". Since I don't know very many people in the "blogger world" (I use quotations way too much!) feel free to borrow the idea, take the tag (I know the whole point is to be tagged but since I only know of a handful of bloggers... go ahead!)

So by theme song I mean movie, TV series, TV show, radio program, sitcom, anything like that.  You can write the title of the show and song or episode or season (I know some series like "The Cosby Show" have a different theme song each season) You can leave a link to a YouTube video with the song or post the video on your blog, whatever works.

First though, I am going to answer my own tag. (I'm not sure if that's what you are "suppose to do" anyways, or "not suppose to do", so sue me, I really want to do it!) I am going to do a count down for this one. (P.S click the title of the show/movie/program to go to a video with the theme song on it)

When it comes to theme songs, some of them are dull and you just fast forward them, but there are some good theme songs that I just love to listen to over and over again or that you enjoy listening to from beginning to end before the movie or show starts. (or radio program, as I said, everything goes)

A classic to be sure (I like classics, as you will soon see) A movie or show has to be epic, classic or hilarious (or at least a little of one of the categories, or I simply will not watch it!)

I haven't seen the movie (only clips) and I read a few pages here and there from the book out of curiosity, but I found a violin cover of  the theme song and I love it! I am not sure if I want to watch the whole movie, from what I can tell from the clips I watched and the pages I read, it is pretty gruesome. Some parts of the movie are a little graphic I think, by that I mean gory. Not really my thing.

Now this isn't a movie theme song per se, but its Davy Jones theme and it has a sweet lullaby as well 
heart wrenching dramatic organ music and if you have watched the movie then you know how this perfectly expresses Davy Jones. 
I have never watched Indiana Jones, but I love the soundtrack nonetheless!

Yes I watched the Brady Bunch, and yes I liked it too! Its a timeless classic, and the theme song stays relatively the same for all 4 seasons, the kids get older and hairstyles change from one season to the next (boy do the hairstyles change!) I still love the show and would watch it again any day.

Back to the future has an epic theme song, a strong orchestra is the only way I can describe it, it sets the mood well for the exciting parts of the movie. 

Image result for the fresh prince of bel air
I haven't watched an entire episode, but from the clips I can find it seems hilarious, and the theme song is a classic must watch! 

Image result for cosby show season 6
Bill Cosby does some awful silly dance moves here, but I loved watching the whole theme song, relishing every second of it. And you have to see three year old Raven-Symone, she's adorable! 

As far as I can tell the battle song seems to be the Narnia theme song, and its beautiful!

(If you know me this should come as no surprise!) There are other versions for movies 2,3 and 4 but this I consider the main one (besides I could fill up my whole blog with PotC) This song just gets you pumped up for the movie and if this doesn't excite you or makes you crave adventure no music ever will. 

So there you have it, and now for my tag,
I "nominate" (because we are talking movies and music here) Abby at Castles in the Air
Have fun Abby!

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