Monday, 18 May 2015

My First Yarn Wig

So I tried my hand at yarn wigs, I am putting together an Indian costume for a Cowgirl themed Mystery Dinner tomorrow (I figure with everybody else sporting cowgirl costume, they need an Indian) and my sister and I are known for going all out on our costumes (if you are going to dress up, then really dress up I say! No half-hearted costumes!) So anyways I made a black hair yarn wig because my hair is a dirty blonde, not very native looking:) And I will post pictures of our costumes soon! Also, I will be posting a how-to for yarn wigs on my other blog "All things fun & creative" you can find the link to it in the side bar.

This is the top (My sister Jelena was the model for my wig)

The wig has a lot of volume, I tried to do two braids like an "Indian" but it was waaaaaay too thick

You can see its very long, and it looks somewhat more like dreadlocks, or the hair style some African-Americans (or Canadians) have, I don't know how they do it...

The great thing is that you can style it in so many ways (and hair styles I cannot do on myself)

Some of Jelena's hair is visible... but if you tuck it in, at first glance (and at dusk) it looks almost real

We measured the hair and its about 9 inches around in thickness

And the average length is 38 inches (a few strands are longer, the longest around 41in) 

So that was my first yarn wig (I plan to make more in different colors and lengths)

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