Friday, 8 May 2015

A personal Achievement!

So, you may have glanced at the title and thought "ooh, what could it be?" Unless you are into the flags of the world (like my Dad and I) you may soon think "She does this for fun?" (that's the reaction I usually get:) But I am proud to announce that I have reached my goal of being able to correctly recognize 100 flags of the world (I have yet to beat my Dad who can identify between 110 to 120 flags). Below are are the pictures of all the flags I know (this could have been a long post, so I put 10 flags in each picture and the name of the countries of the flags underneath the pictures. (And these are all random, not sorted by continent or anything)

United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia,
Belgium, China,
Finland, South Africa,
Ireland, Afghanistan,
Swaziland, Uruguay

El Salvador, Albania,
Belize, Russia,
Vietnam, Turkey,
Philippines, Guatemala,
 Canada, Paraguay

Botswana, Netherlands,
Central African Republic, Mongolia,
Mexico, Cuba,
Hungary, Indonesia,
India, Cambodia

Luxembourg, Bosnia & Herzegovina,
Macedonia, Pakistan,
Germany, Greece,
Georgia, Tajikistan,
Iceland, Peru

Seychelles, Israel,
Kazakhstan, Italy,
Bhutan, Nicaragua,
Nepal, Denmark,
Somalia, Uganda

Iraq, Portugal,
Spain, Sweden,
United Arab Emirates, Poland,
Laos, Norway,
Iran. Kenya

Panama, Libya,
Morocco, Algeria,
Vatican state, Thailand,
North Korea, South Korea,
Colombia, Syria

Zimbabwe, Ukraine,
Brazil, Japan,
United States of America, Switzerland,
Estonia. Chile,
Haiti, France

Latvia, Australia,
Solomon Islands, Ghana,
Austria, Honduras,
Sri Lanka, Kiribati,
Marshal islands, Monaco

Bangladesh, Cameroon,
    Lesotho, Democratic Republic of Congo,
New Zealand, Czech Republic,
Tunisia, Jamaica,
Fiji, Croatia

There, I hope you weren't bored to death! How many flags do you know?


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  1. Good for you!!! Um, I know about, maybe a dozen? :)