Monday, 31 July 2017

So... it's been a while...

Hello peoples! (If anyone is still around). My break from blogging may have turned into a near retirement. And I had something along the lines of "I'm back!" in mind for this post. But lets be honest, i work, i go to school and procrastinate a lot. So i will try to write more, read more and do more (if only for myself on this poor forgotten blog).

*violently brushes cobwebs from screen*

Image result for cobwebs on screen

So where to start? A MAJOR life update i guess. Well, i'm going into senior year in the fall (yay?), I still love books and movies and TV shows and minecraft (yeah that got added), mind you i'm no gamer but creative was made for people like me:) 

I still love art and music (finally got a piano, three cheers!) I still spend too much time on Pinterest, too much money on books and too much energy on dreaming. So I guess, really, I haven't changed.

I went to a Mennonite convention last week, i was in a scene of  Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, i survived my last year of math, went to Paraguay, Brazil  and Florida, got a job, discovered the wonderful platform that is Goodreads, watched way too much Netflix and a lot of other irrelevant stuff.

Also I have a bookstagram!!!.... that has also been a little neglected lately....

But all that aside I look forward to movie and book reviews, aesthetic pictures and writing about anything that pops in my head.    

Ill try to stay in touch,