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Tagged by Abby: Top 10 Favorite Screen Chatacters

I was tagged by Abby at Castles in the air to chose 10 favorite screen characters, this will be hard (I mean I can think of just characters from "Pirates of the Caribbean" but there are so many others...) Also, I do not own any of the pictures)

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Jack Sparrow (POTC)

He may seem like a odd self-centered Pirate, but he is really quite witty, unpredictable (in the most hilarious and best way) and he does have a good heart deep down. He saved Elizabeth from drowning, abandoned his crew, but came back, and he is the most hilarious character of any movie ever! (And hey, Johnny Depp, Savvy?)

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Elizabeth Swann (POTC) 

Elizabeth is strong, independent, smart and caring. (She is also a pirate lord) She marries Will Turner (sigh...) And I really hope they bring her back in the next movie (and Will Turner as well!) Elizabeth has a few moments that don't fit her character (Such as lying to Will and tying Jack to the ship indirectly killing him.) Overall she is simply one of the best characters I can think of.

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Will Turner (POTC)

Will cares about the people close to him, and he cares deeply about Elizabeth. He also cares about his father and sets out to kill Davy Jones to set him free. (and I'm not quick to call a character handsome, but in this case)

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Edmund Pevensie (Narnia)

Edmund the Just. He was easily lured onto the side of the White Witch in  "The lion, the witch and wardrobe" but he realized his mistakes and made it through a stronger person. He can be a bit rash at times, but he has a good heart and wants to do what is right. And he is my all time favorite Narnian Character

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Claire Huxtable (The Cosby Show)

The whole Huxtable family is hilarious and lovable, but my favorite is Claire, the matriarch of the family. She is the caring mother, and faithful wife but has a sometimes mischievous and fun side to her. She is smart, quick and charming and is the anchor of the family.

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Anne Shirley (Anne of Green Gables)

Anne (with an E) and I have a lot in common, we have a big imagination (for better or for worse), are always the ones with ideas (and usually the ones in trouble because of our ideas). But Anne just wants things to work out and cares about pleasing  Marilla and Mathew, and is truly a kindred spirit. 

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Dr Henry Morgan (Forever)

Dr Henry Morgan is over 200 years old and never ages, every time he dies he comes back in a nearby body of water. He discovered he was immortal after his first fatal bullet wound aboard a slave ship. He has to live with the people closest to him passing away eventually, But he cares and protects the ones he loves at all costs. He works with the NYPD examining the ...victims. He has picked up a lot of knowledge in his long life and jumps to quick and accurate conclusions that amaze his co-workers. He continually searches for a way to unlock his curse and has run ins with another immortal, Adam who is a Roman, alive for the past 2000 years.    

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James Edwards a.k.a Agent J (MIB)

First of, MIB stands for men in black. Agent J is quick with  sarcastic remarks and a pretty witty character (And Will Smith is a good actor) there's not much more you can say.

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Marty McFly (Back to the future)

The movie is definitely a must watch, and Marty McFly is one character! Your typical teenage boy, Marty finds himself  thrust into the past where he has to find a way back home, he has to find and warn the professor who invented the time machine as he is killed at the time Marty takes his unexpected time travel trip. He also has to get his parents together after he inadvertently prevents their first meeting. Marty may be the typical teen boy, but he tries his best to make things work out, he has some hilarious moments and eventually learns to stop letting name calling get to him. (this may sound a little lame, but just watch the movie, you'll understand)

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Bugs Bunny (Loony Toons)

Call me silly, call me crazy, but I had to include this cartoon characters that I still sometimes watch (just sometimes...) Bugs Bunny can talk and think his way out of any situation (of course it helps if most of the characters are the height of stupidity but that's besides the point) Its still fun to watch every now and then. 

And that concludes my list! I do not know of another blogger to tag so I will just leave it.

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