Sunday, 21 June 2015

A post about Narnia

It's not the most creative title, but it best sums up today's post. I have finally picked up the Chronicles of Narnia, (no I was not hiding under a rock my whole life:) I read "The Horse and his Boy" a few years back, I watched all three movies and listened to all the CDs (so I'm not as oblivious as I might have started out sounding like) I read "The Silver Chair" and then "The Magicians Nephew", I'm not sure which to read next, probably "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe", I want to save "The Last Battle" for last because I always hate reading the last book in a good series, I'd rather the adventure never end. But anyways (I do ramble so!) Here are some things I like about Narnia, I wish, I wonder, I found out, etcetera.

I didn't know Aslan had 9 names with nine meanings (still have to look up the names and meanings though)

I took rather a liking to ole Puddleglum in "The Silver Chair" and I found myself saying (well muttering) "I Shouldn't wonder", I will be turning into a glum little (well actually tall) Marshwiggle myself I shouldn't wonder"... 

What I thought of Prince Rilian. I think he is a loyal, sincere and kindhearted prince, no offence to Prince Rilian fans, but he went head over heels to go avenge his mother (noble but just a tad rash) going alone (probably not a good idea at any time in these situations) he winds up a servant of the witch (granted she is charming and conniving, and he was also alone -his own fault) And then he needs two children to rescue him (of course all three would have ended up slaves under a spell if not for good ole sensible Puddleglum). Just a little rash but a very noble prince.

Favorite quote so far:

"I'm on Aslan's side even if there isn't any Aslan to lead it. I'm going to live as like a Narnian as I can even if there isn't any Narnia"

Ah good ole Puddleglum. And it sounds like something any Narnian fan can take on as a motto. (Because my realistic side is not hopeful of finding the wardrobe or a yellow ring) or water spilling out of a painting or .... For goodness sakes here I go rambling on and spoiling the mood all in one go!  I'll probably find I'm related to a Marshwiggle I shouldn't wonder...

I wish there were more books about Narnia, I would love a book about things that happened after Digory and Polly left, a book about King Frank and Queen Helena first rulers of Narnia (I do wonder why her name was changed, Queen Nellie doesn't sound as royal but quite nice if you ask me.) 

I would also love a book that tells the story of the events leading up to "The Narnian Ice Age" as it were, how the Witch came to such power, what she was up to between the time Digory and Polly visited and before the Pevensies came.  

Well that will be all for now, If I don't start reading again soon I'm afraid it will drive me simply mad!


  1. Welcome to Narnia!!!

    Yes, I wish that there were more stories around... However there is an Narnian timeline that mentions a few more stories, such as how King Gale (who lived before the Pevensies' time,) saved the Lone Islanders from a dragon, how Olvin of Archenland killed the giant Pire; and Swanwhite the queen, and Moonwood the hare are mentioned in The Last Battle... So there are a few more Narnian stories out there... I will try to get that time line to you at some point...

    And in defense of Rilian.... :) (Shocker, right)
    I will say that those two children were (and I quote) "Sent by Aslan himself from beyond the world's end to seek your Highness,". So they were a bit more then kids...
    I won't argue with you any more about Rilian though. :)

    Great post, and keep reading... FOR NARNIA!!!

    1. Those stories I must read! Argue about Rillian all you want! (I know you are his loyal subject as it were,) and I will keep reading till I know every nook and cranny of this land and then I will read it again... and yes the children were sent by Aslan but if not for Puddleglum...

  2. I have also discovered that there is a TV series (or about 4 segments) about the Silver chair (like a movie split into 4 parts) I haven't watched it yet but I will be sure to do a review as soon as I have!