Monday, 8 June 2015

A Trip to the Dentist (Buzzfeed style)

Here is a little look at a trip to dentist for me (exaggerated somewhat but completely based on truth)  , I hope to amuse you with it.

The pep talk

I can do this, I will walk to the Dentist and I won't have any cavities! Why is the distance shorter when you go the dentist?!! Okay, take a breath... Wait! Did I brush my teeth last night? I think I did.. no I was tired and forgot. I'M GOING TO HAVE A CAVITY!!! No! Calm down! Missing it once won't affect your chances!...Oh, I'm here.

The waiting room

Put on a smile girl "Hi my name is Alicia, I have an appointment at 4:30" "I'll let them know you're here" "Okay" (Take your time) ok I'll sit down, and read a magazine... boy that kid is annoying! Why is his mother just sitting there?!! HE IS THROWING A TANTRUM! Oh now, he's throwing toys! Now if I were that kids mother I'd... DUCK!!! That was close, well so much for that doll... Should I say something? No that's his mother's job! But why... "Alicia?" gee I just sat down!

On that chair 

"Have a seat" ok just sit down, you can do this! "It's good to see you again Alicia" Likewise I'm sure (sarcastic) "How are your teeth?" "Good" How would I know?, you're the dentist! "Ok let's just take a look in here" Please hurry up "So how are you today?" "Gahd" Actually I'm having a horrible day but I don't want to go into detail, and the main reason is I hate visiting you, no offence"  "And how's school?" "Gahd" can't you ever think of anything else to ask? Seriously? "Are you excited about Summer?" "I hag thuner tscool" Ok, clean my teeth or lets sit down and chat pick one! This does not go well together"

"Looks like you don't have any cavities" I'm going to celebrate with lots of sweets!!!  "Now for the rinse" "Ok" I hate rinses! "Just rinse for 30 seconds and then spit into the sink and don't swallow" Ok here we go, 1,2,3,4 I feel like I need to swallow! Hold on, I can do this. 5,6,7,8,9 Should I breathe? I don't want to swallow any! wait where was I? 10? no it was 13 by now... I can't hold my breath much longer! Am I almost done? WHO CAME UP WITH THIS TORTURE?!! "You can spit it out now" thank goodness! "Spit as much as you need to get the taste out" (*spit*) This tastes horrible! (*spit*) I won't go away! (*spit*) get out! (*spit*) Am I spitting too much? (*spit*) definitely.


Well that wasn't so bad, and I got a new toothbrush, even though my teeth feel like they will be clean enough for a week. "Bye Alicia, see you next year" I wish not. I'm hungry, why do they make me wait half an hour? At least I'm in the hour farthest from the next appointment...

I hope you found that an amusing view of a visit to the dentist, do you hate trips to the dentist too?


  1. Ha! That was hilarious!! Ya, I HATE the dentists with a burning passion!!!

  2. Glad you liked it! Yeah I hate going to dentist! And all the talking while they're poking around in your mouth? And it's always about school...