Sunday, 13 September 2015

Un-wearable fashion of Fall 2015

First off i apologize for not posting anything in awhile, I just survive my "first" week of highschool, by that i mean a brick and mortar high school (I'm a sophomore, not a freshmen) anyways...

I was browsing various sites just to see what is "Fashionable" this Fall (and if you ever browsed any fashions from the big names, you will know that models are the first, last and only people to ever wear most of those atrocities.) If you haven't and perhaps think I'm overdoing it, let me show you what is fashionable this Autumn. Would you ever wear any of the outfits on a regular day?

Pajamas met futuristic collars

A tripping, choking and wardrobe malfunction hazard all in one outfit!

Like something out of a cartoon, after the character burned their clothes but remained unscathed otherwise

What do you do when you have a lot of scraps lying around? You make it into a fashionable outfit!

A pillowcase with a zipper sewn onto the front...

Not the worst on this list, but not something you'd wear on a trip to the grocery shop either

I don't know what to say... except that her piercings aren't helping the look at all 

Haha! Somebody has no sewing skills... wait, what? It's high end fashion?!!!!

It... could be worse! I think...

It makes a sharp statement! (Pardon the pun)

And it's not for Halloween

The face on the farthest right says it all

That coat would look better on a man who is 6.6 

That red fur ruined it, and those boots must be a pain to put on

Oversized coats must be in...

So that concludes the list, and I want to say that I get it, this fashion is an "art form" (but poking fun at things is an entertainment form, so there!) Still even "The most wearable fashions of Fall 2015" are pretty ridiculous, let's face it, its brands like "Reitmans" "Laura Petites" and Old Navy" that truly sell wearable clothes. And on these "Most fashionable" lists, i did find a few things I'd wear, but not really. And i am taking fashion at school, so we get to look at fashion like this (it's art) and analyze it.

Did you find anything on the list that you would wear?


  1. Ewweww!!! THese are all so gross!

    1. I know! Works of art (in a stretched way) maybe, but not something I would ever wear.

  2. I wouldn't wear any of that!:) How is highschool going?

    1. High school is busy! (which is why I'm replying late) I hope to have some time for blogging on the weekend, we'll see. September is always a busy month as it is, I'm hoping to have more time in the next few months.

  3. Bahahahaha XD As a watcher of Project Runway, I found this hilarious, because I DEFINITELY FEEL YA THERE. Some of them I really didn't mind, but most of them…eck. "The face farthest to the right says it all…" I cracked up;)

    1. Glad you enjoyed it! Yeah some of them are really just artsy and not too bad, but others are simply monstrosities! (I always wanted to drop that word in a sentence:)