Saturday, 1 August 2015

My LOWCW contribution

I know today is the last day for "Legends of Western Cinema Week" (hosted at "Meanwhile in Rivendell" and "A lantern in her hand") I really meant to do this earlier:) ok no excuses lets get into it. I haven't watched many westerns, I can only think of "The Lone Ranger" 2013 (here is the link to the review I did on "The Lone Ranger 2013") But I have posted so many reviews lately, so I thought I would just share the western costume that I recently made for my brother (still need to make the spurs) but here it is.

He wasn't the most willing model but I dragged him into it. 

We got a big roll of cloth that looked leathery (but was really soft)

I always use what we have on hand, I found a cowboy straw hat but that didn't look quite authentic enough, so I sewed the cloth on it.

I cut three strips of cream colored cloth and braided them to decorate the hat.

The chaps are strung on to the belt to keep them up (and we found a belt that says "pioneer" on it so that fits the theme)

I also made a vest (but you can't button it up)

And of course a bandana, It was interesting to read about all the uses a bandana had (yes I research when making costumes:) a bandana kept dust out of a cowboy's mouth and nose, it was tied over the hat to keep his ears warm when it was cold, it filtered water and was used as a bandage, really quite essential.

We had found a pair of boots at our local thrift store that looked like this.

I covered those in faux leather too.

Then all that was needed was a shirt and a pair of Levis to complete the look. The spurs will be a strip of cloth tied around the base of the boot with washers hanging off the edge to make a clicking sound when he walks.

My sister and I went to a western themed mystery dinner in May, here is the link to the post I did on our costumes.

And I have another tutorial coming soon!


  1. Ooh! Thanks for participating!:D You made that for your brother?! Wow! 'T'is impressive:) Don't forget to leave a link to this post here so that everyone else can read it!:D

    1. I'll be sure to do that, thanks Olivia!

  2. Oh my, that is adorable!! What a lucky little brother. I wish someone would make me a cowboy outfit! :-)
    Thanks for your contribution, Alicia!

    1. It has been a fun week reading everybody's western posts!

  3. That is a great costume! I love how your repurposed stuff to fit it in.

    1. Thanks! I love to craft and create, and if I don't have something specific I use what I an scrounge up.

  4. What a cute costume! I love the idea of covering the boots and hat with leather-look cloth -- that's quite brilliant!