Thursday, 10 August 2017

Thoughts on "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe"

Soooooo I finished TLTWATW (still a pain to write) late last night. I'd been busy with work and umm ...minecraft but anywho here we are!

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So I have some thoughts to share, and it'll probably be a short post but it didn't make sense to put them on Goodreads.

First of all, the movie wardrobe looks wayyyy more epic than the one in the book (which has a looking glass on the door). I mean it makes sense to have a more epic wardrobe with a cloth on it that is then epicly pulled off by Lucy. But it's kind of misleading. The movie wardrobe door also has a handle on the inside. And C.S. Lewis was very clear on how "foolish it it to shut one's self in a wardrobe" (of course Edmund did... how did he and Lucy get back..). I mean it's not a big deal, but I can't tell you how many times I was told in a single chapter how foolish shutting oneself in a wardrobe would be, and then you give me a handle in the movie? All that said I adore both the book and its movie:)

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Secondly, my favorite scene (by far)

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The Coronation!!! 

"Once a king or queen of Narnia always a king or queen of Narnia"  
"Long live king Peter!" "Long Live queen Susan!" 
"Long live king Edmund!" "Long live queen Lucy!"

This scene just made me hug my book to my chest lay back and sigh with happiness 
(yeah, that good:)

Random thought, I REALLLLLY want to live in Cair Paravel

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Also I have my little proud spiels for each of the Pevensies.

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First of all, Peter! Such a brave young man, he definitely deserves the title of High King (not just for being the oldest). He is the first to apologize to Lucy, constantly protected his sisters, took responsibility for Edmund's actions (even though it wasn't his fault) and to top it all off he lead and fought his first battle BY HIMSELF because Aslan wasn't there at the time.

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Susan. As one of the two eldest she also protects her siblings. Though at first reluctant to stay in Narnia, after finding out about the witch and the Faun's arrest she agrees that saving Mr. Tumnus for sheltering Lucy is the right thing to do. Always kind, patient and gentle she comforts Aslan as best as she can before the sacrifice on the stone table.

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I had that one so-proud-of-Edmund moment. Because yes he was a little jerk through most of the book but he was the one who turned the battle in Narnia's favor by destroying the White witch's wand (say that ten times fast) and he nearly died as a result. 

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Aww Lucy. The first to enter Narnia, finding a faun in another world doesn't seem that strange to her. She easily makes friends, holds her family together, sees the best in people and cares for those around her. When she discovers that Mr. Tumnus has been taken by the White Witch she insists on going after him. She stays with Aslan the night at the stone table and is given the important job of rescuing those near death after the final battle. Valiant through and through, she is one of my favorite characters:)

And lastly I shall list my top eight favorite characters from this story.

1) Peter Pevensie
If my little spiel above didn't convince you how awesome he is, then you better go read the book for yourself

2) Edmund Pevensie
Yes the whole jerk thing. But you better let it go, Aslan said so! (shakes finger at you). He had the courage and sense to go after the witch's greatest weapon, her wand. He nearly died for it. And his experience with the witch helped him to become a just and fair king who believes that people can and do change.

3) Lucy Pevensie
She's brave, strong, gentle and all around awesome. She instantly forgives Mr Tumnus for almost handing her in, is constantly lending people her handkerchief,  believes the most out of all the siblings, and she's so adorable too:)

4) The Professor
Also known as Digory Kirke all grown up. He's been there, he believes Lucy and tells the two eldest to believe her as well. He can't believe the modern school system and he is an all around sympathetic and likable chap.

5) Mrs Beaver
I just love her calm demeanor, yes the witch is coming but first lets pack some food. Also the adorable conversation about bringing the sewing machine.

6) Susan Pevensie
Just because she is a little lower than her siblings doesn't mean I don't love he, but she doesn't have any real defining moments in this book other than the ones listed in my spiel above.

7) Mr Beaver
Brave, almost reckless, sassy and definitely lovable Mr Beaver doesn't think twice about bringing the children to his home and endangering himself in the process. He fully believes in Aslan and hates the witch with all he's worth.

8) Mr Tumnus
Although the faun doesn't come into the story all that much he still holds a special place for being the first Narnian Lucy meets. He almost hands Lucy over to the White Witch but sees the error of his ways and takes it upon himself to return her to the Lampost so that she can find her way home. He is taken by the White Witch and turned into a statue but later revived by Aslan and went on to become a prominent member of the children's court.

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Well its only the beginning, I look forward to reading The Horse and His Boy next (my favorite book in the series last time I read them)

Till then, farewell!


  1. Huzzah!!! Agh I love this book. I'm quite a bit behind you, just finished like the third chapter. I expect to catch up this weekend though!

    I love how it wasn't your top three characters, or five, it was eight. :) You know the characters are good when...... You can't decide who you like more. XD

    I just love C.S. Lewis soooooooo much. End of story.

    1. I was actually in a bit of a slump lately and it took me longer than expected to get through it.

      Yeah I was gonna go top ten list but i couldn't think of that many, so eight X)