Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Screechy Strings

My actual title was going to be "Things I've learned so far since taking Violin lessons" but that was way too descriptive and boring. (But now you know what my post is about:) I've only had two lessons, going on three and I dearly apologise to my teacher Mrs G for my screechy strings so far. (P.S get ready for a stream of pinterest pictures)

       1) You have to hold everything a certain way (my fingers refuse) my wrist refuses too...

                                                       2) A shoulder pad is a must have

             3) Rosin shatters like glass if dropped (I was told that, I have not tested this a don't plan to)

                                 4) The violin is the most beautiful instrument I have ever seen

5) Its the most horrible sounding when played by beginners instrument (my poor neighbors and the people on the sidewalk walking by and cringing)

6) Your fingers after practice

7) I get that, don't touch my horse hair!

8) You appreciate people like Lindsey Stirling 10x as much, how does she do that?!!

9) Bows are seen as a separate instrument (I wrinkled my forehead too)

10) "Place your fingers on the frog" has a different meaning now

11) You keep your fingernails short (really short)

And have lots of fun!


  1. Good things!!!!

    Ya, my strings are pretty screechy too...

    Yes!! How do Lindsey Stirling and Taylor Davis do it????!!!!

  2. I want to try violin, it sounds like fun!

    1. It is fun! (Even though when you first touch the bow to the strings you think "I'll need earplugs while learning this thing!")

  3. Violin is so beautiful! My brother plays well and he related to all of the things you said! Rrr! The fingers picture! I play a little guitar and my fingers got marks like that for the first few weeks! It was so painful!
    Lindsay Sterling is amazing! Creative post, Alicia! I love your blog! <3

  4. I don't play the violin, but ever since I discovered Lindsey Sterling (who I am now obsessed with), I've wanted to give it a try. Do you have any advice for beginners?

    1. Well speaking as a beginner myself I don't feel like I have "accumulated" too much information to pass on, yet. I would say find a teacher and a violin shop that rents violins. There are youtube videos that I used before my first lesson "The online piano & Violin tutor" is a really good channel:) The Violin is a harder instrument to learn, I'm self taught on the Piano (somewhat) but I don't think I could have started teaching myself the Violin, there is a lot to remember, and it take experience to tune the instrument properly (My teacher does it, I never have). Lindsey Sterling is awesome! And have you ever heard of Taylor Davis? You should find her youtube channel!