Monday, 27 July 2015

Oldies Sitcoms Review, Continued

So I finally found a bit of time to keep going, I know I said "stay tuned" last time and I really didn't mean to put you through this 20 day torture (or maybe you're busy too and didn't even notice:) But anywho lets get right into it.

Starting this post with Gilligan's Island. If you know even a little something about this it is very stupid, but also entertaining (And I'll tell you why later).

The story is about 7 very different characters who are stranded on an island and have to learn to get along.

You see they started out on a tropic port (Hawaii) aboard a tiny ship (The Minnow) for a three hour tour (aaaa threeeeee hourrrrrr tourrrr!!!)
The weather started getting rough and the tiny ship was tossed and if they had not all been brave they surely would have been lost (The Minnow would be lost!). They ran aground on some uncharted isle with Gilligan, the Skipper too, the millionaire (and his wife) the movie star, the professor and Mary-Annnnnnnn! Here on on Gilligan's Isleeeeeeeeee! (I couldn't resist!)

The reason this is so stupid is because the Isle may be uncharted but a new person stumbles on to the island and the castaways every second episode, (Seriously!!!) The professor can make cures for just about every malady, they have the nicest bamboo huts any castaway ever had, they sure took a lot of different clothes along on their 3 hour trip (they took a lot of stuff along for a 3 hour trip in general. Well the women and the millionaire change their clothes, the others wear the same thing for years (never rips) they also have a small radio (they conveniently tune in at the right time, its disgusting how the radio is like a quick google search to them) they obviously get a clear radio signal (so why is this island so remote and uncharted?) Of course the professor invented a way to recharge the battery of the radio, and they have a flintstone-style bamboo car (But obviously a simple raft is a bit more complex to make).

Lets see, there is Gilligan (red shirt as always) he gets into trouble and ,lots of messes and is an all around klutz. The Skipper (blue shirt, always) Calls Gilligan "Little Buddy" one minute and slaps him with his cap the next. The millionaire Thurston Howell III cares only for money is a bit of a crumagand but he is my favorite character. His Wife Mrs. Thurston Howell III ("Lovey" to her husband) is pretty dumb period. The professor (green shirt) well you already know about him, they just call him "Professor". The movie star "Ginger Grant" (Ginger hair) is mostly dumb, star struck and somewhat flirty. I Like Mary Ann, she is a Kansas farm girl with a little more sense and ability then the rest but still has her dumb moments.

Moving on! You have probably at least heard of the Brady Bunch (after all, what sitcom is more iconic?) Its the story of a lovely lady... okay, okay I won't do that again. Anyways, its the story of a woman named Carol who has three daughters (Marcia, Jan and Cindy) Carol marries widower Mike Brady who has three sons (Greg, Peter and Bobby) Mike is an architect. They also have a live-in housekeeper named Alice, who is hilarious. I'm going to leave this description short, basically they learn to live together get along and grow up. And I just loved every episode! I hope you go to your library, get it and start watching because it really is a loveable show. They are funny, its entertaining and you can just identify with the everyday situations they have (you'll love every minute). (plus Peter grows up to be pretty good looking in the last season *koff koff*)

Next up, The Partridge Family! I have only watched one season but I quite like it. Its the story of a family band, Widowed mother, Shirley, and her kids Keith, Laurie, Danny, Chris and Tracy. The younger two don't have a big screen presence on the show. Keith and Laurie are in High school and you cannot overlook precocious red headed Danny (he is one of those kids who always have "Ideas". And they have a manager, Reuben Kincaid who is pretty much part of the family. Reuben is played by Dave Madden (Who played Bernard Walton in the long-time- still-running radio drama "Adventures in Odyssey") The characters are somewhat similar, so thats pretty cool. The show features the family on tour and at their home in fictional "San Pueblo" in California, and every episode has at least one concert/performance and their pretty good too. The show is entertaining and I would definitely recommend that you try it.

Thats it for these sitcom segments (for now) I am a few episodes into a new sitcom "The Jeffersons", all I can say is that with all the insults thrown at each other, how is this not a show about a dysfunctional couple? (George and Louise "Weezy" Jefferson) It is entertaining though.

And now I thought I'dd just post the theme songs as well since I like all of them.

Gilligan's Island

The Brady Bunch (Final season)

The Partridge Family

The Jeffersons



  1. Giligan's Island! Yes, it is a little stupid(they can find a way to recharge batteries on a deserted island but can't make a boat to get back home?), but I used to think it was the funniest show ever. And, I was singing it in my head, "A three hour tour, a three hour tour. . ." xD

    1. True, it is a very entertaining show, i'm not really bothered by some of the stupidity I just keep thinking to myself "Oh come on!" (and the theme song is one of my favorites as well.