Friday, 10 July 2015

My Summer

So you have probably noticed that I have been taking a break from blogging (Unintentional) so I thought I'd do a post about what has been keeping me so occupied. (I don't want my blog to be full of posts about my life, its ordinary and I want to entertain you not bore you, but hey, it's my blog and this one post won't hurt you:)

First of all I've been busy with school, (yeah, I've turned into one of those crazy kids who actually do Summer school) Online to be exact, and trust me, a one-semester course crammed into one month is no fun:(

Then we are completely renovating my room!!! (I've been wanting to get that done since we moved into our house... four.... five? years ago) Anyways here is a description of how my room looked like before (I'll do another post about it when it's done) The people who lived in this house before us loved carpets (even in the bathrooms! Ripped that one out first thing) And they loved dark colours (we have been painting the entire house fresher colours over the years)

My old room was dark brown down to the lightswitch! (not kidding) ok here is the list: Dark brown; light switch, outlets, trimming, walls, shelf boards, dresser, vanity, ceiling fan and an ugly dark green carpet. I'm surprised they left the ceiling white in that rathole of a room!

But it's getting better because we are putting in white outlets and a white light switch, we had to put primer on the walls (took two days) but tonight the light blue (Alice blue) coat of paint is on!!! And that with white trimming and white shelf boards! We also gave the ceiling a fresh coat of paint and we will rip out that dark green carpet and put in a creamy colored wooden floor. (oh and new furniture... bye bye black dresser, and buy buy white dresser!... that was cheesy) 

While this is being done I moved into the guest house (used to be one of those barn-shaped sheds, we painted it put up siding and put in electricity, its really for summer only) So thats where I have been spending the night (as close to camping as I ever get, and yes I live in Canada; though it's probably obvious by now my family isn't Canadian:) Half of me is almost lonely back there (usually going to bed with four noisy siblings will do that to you) but the other half of me is shouting "Hallelujah peace and quiet!"

And the radio really killed that one song today... its stuck in my head too (And I don't even like it!) and the mosquitos are bad this year, but the worst is that  fly with a death wish buzzing around my head!... scuse me I have to find a fly swatter....

Hmmm lets see, oh! I also have a pinterest board now! (I am  probably the last teenage girl to finally get one but now I have) Under the name Lissie Kay (It's my pen name, but I just like to use it sometimes) The name was not picked at random either, but I'll let you be curious about that for a bit:)

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