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Once Upon a Time...

...there was a girl with two friends who pushed and pushed her to watch a show called Once Upon a time, and when her parents got Netflix (started living in 21st century is what I'm saying) the girl started watching, and watching (and couldn't stop watching) until 3 and a half seasons later, the present day she wrote her first fan post.

Welcome back! Well, I should be writing, I"M back! So sorry for my absence I've been living in Storybrooke, The Enchanted Forrest and Neverland lately, oh and Hogwarts. But that's another story. (I have to say my childhood dream of going to Neverland flew off with a shadow somewhere since the last few episodes). Of course I'm going to be referencing stuff like a Dark one! What did you expect?

Before I continue, spoiler alert for some of you I'm sure!

Can't you just hear the melody as your eyes graze over the image?

So last episode I watched the second curse took place and Hook appeared on Emma's doorstep saying something terrible had happened, Rumpelstiltskin and Peter Pan are dead (or are they? I shall resolve myself to the belief that Rumple isn't because I am a big Rumbelle fan) Peter Pan is somewhat despicable, I don't hate him as much as most Oncers seem to, I find him to be nothing but coward, about 10 times the coward his son is. Let's see, Cora is dead (her death was somewhat tragic but I found her too despicable to feel sorry for her, and as for Mary Margaret's part in her death, I couldn't help but think of how ingenious the tactics were (evil yes, but one of those plans where you think, well that worked out smoothly). And I'ts weird how I know all about this complicated family tree but will never be able to explain it to people.

Now for the characters. When I started watching I despised, hated,loathed etc. Regina, she was just so gets-under-your-skin evil! And when she killed her Dad I just sat there stunned. And when she killed Graham I held my breath with probably the same questions as Emma, "Is he dead? He can't be dead! It was just coming together!" Later I did feel sympathy for her situation (The thing with Daniel) but I still feel that it gave her no right to become so wicked and cause so much pain (go ahead and defend her, she is one of my favorite characters but I stick to my conclusion). The whole thing with Daniel in the "Frankenstein" episode is something I probably shouldn't have watched before bedtime either. When she first told Henry that she would change I was pretty suspicious of her the whole way and when she banded together with Cora all I thought was "Here she goes again!"

Can't you just hear the famous line?

As for Rumplestiltskin (and I didn't even use google correct that time) he is a... well... he is one of my favorite characters, but I don't know if he will ever truly change, I rather doubt it. But I'm with Belle, he does have good in him. And I do feel sorry for him, except for when he let Baelfire go, I felt not an ounce of pity for him then. But I am a Rumbelle fan, and I was so rooting for him to find his son in season two, and when he had kept that "chipped cup", it was just so "awww". But the fact that he killed Milah was awful, and that he had a "thing" with Cora was rather weird. He is a coward, (though the escaping the ogre war thing doesn't count, I was pretty angry with Milah for her reaction, she hurt him by telling him she would have liked him better dead with honour to her as the wife of a soldier). Rumple tries over and over to do things right with his son and Belle, he keeps messing up, and though I want him to change (Rumbelle!) I don't think he ever will.

This will all be random now.

On to snow and charming, I don't like Mary Margaret's hair at all (too short!) I told you this would be random:) And I think it's weird that even after the curse is broken, Charming calls her Mary Margaret and not Snow. I don't like that the writers made it necessary for Mary Margaret and David to get together when still under the curse in such "adulterous/affair-like" circumstances. Why didn't they just have David be in a coma until the spell was broken? Or at least have other circumstances preventing them from being together? Also, not to sound like Regina or anything, but I'm getting tired of learning more about Snow White's history. I know all about her mother's death, rescue by Regina, meeting charming, living with dwarves, meeting Ariel, meeting Ruby, storming a castle, run ins with Regina, sparing Regina, etc. I don't really want hear another story from when Snow White lived in the woods! I want to hear about the other characters pasts, I know enough about Snow by now. It's getting tiring.

As for Ruby, another one of my favorite characters (who seems to have been missing lately). Well, when I found out she was also the wolf I nearly fell off my bed. I am mad at the writers though, not because she is a wolf (I guess it's kind-of-cool?) but the fact that she killed, (and ate) her boyfriend was just too much, sure she didn't control the wolf then, but did they really have to include that in the storyline!!?!! 

I thought it was pretty interesting that Baelfire ended up with the darlings and that's how everything related to neverland. And when those "two guys" showed up in Storybrooke I had no clue who they were, until they said they were trying to save their sister and I took one look at the tall guy's the round glasses and thought "Michael and John! How clever to intertwine them in the story as adults!" It's been fun trying to figure out plot twists before they happen.

One line I liked was when Henry told Pan that he'd better watch out because "My mom is coming, both of them!" I thought that was kinda funny.

As for Captain Hook (Killian Jones), he describes himself as "devilishly handsome" and most oncer fans (girls) seem to agree with him. As for me, well as far as his looks go, he's alright (better than Neal, I was disappointed, young Baelfire was cute, can't say the same about Neal) but wouldn't put him on my "Fictional Fancy" list. But I do like Hook, he has charm, wit and honour. He has some great lines, one I remember is just before the second curse hit, he said something along the lines of "Well are you going to do something about the curse or should we get our souls ready? Because in that case mine is going to take a while"

There is so much to mention! (I might have to do another fan post... sometime before Christmas) I also wanted to say that I felt really sorry for the Mad Hatter (again, Regina's doing) it was so sad how long it took him to get back to his daughter. And now we all know why he's mad.

One thing I really hated was that apparently Mulan is in love with Aurora (Just. No.) Mulan may be a tomboy (more than a little bit) but still. No.  
Also,(I found Aurora kind of annoying, first impressions matter.)

Let's see what else, Well I really wanted Graham to find his heart and be with Emma, and now I know there is this whole "Captain Swan" thing, but I still want Emma to end up with Neal. (It just seems like the right thing, I mean, they're both Henry's parents.)

Oh and the whole room of fire for those under the sleeping spell is... different, and mixing Frankenstein in was interesting but a little too gruesome/creepy. And halfway through season 3 I started noticing something different about Henry, then I realized his voice was changing. And lastly, Dr Hopper and his whole story is really interesting as well.

As for the overall series (the big picture) I liked the first season the best, it was well written and the plot twists were great! The second season kind of sucked, I don't really know why it just wasn't as good. And now the third season, I like it better than the second but not as much as the first. Overall I love the show!

I have to agree with Cora, that is an awful costume. 

(For today at least)

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