Friday, 22 April 2016

Infinity Dream Tag

I was tagged for this a bit ago, and have finally found the time to do it, thank you to Abby at "Castles in the Air" for the tag!


1. Thank the blogger who tagged you. 
2. Tell us 11 facts about yourself.
3. Answer the 11 questions given to you.
4. Tag 11 bloggers and give them 11 new questions to answer.

11 (random) Facts:
Oh dear here we go...
  1. I almost  never read a book twice (there are exceptions of course, but I have too many books to get through, I can't bother reading everything twice:)
  2. I have never gone camping (not in a tent or trailer) ever in my life
  3. I have kept a diary on-and-off since I was 12 (four years)
  4. My favorite "nature-thing" is the sky
  5. My favorite music eras are the 50s-60s and the awesome 80s!
  6. I love time travel paradoxes
  7. I've met Pippy Longstocking
  8. I loathe flower print (like old couches and curtains you know)
  9. I hate opera 
  10. I don't like or watch horror movies, chic flicks or romantic comedies
  11. I love dresses and skirts
Life is a picture, make it pretty.:

The Questions

1. What is your earliest memory of reading, or being read to?

I really don't know, my Mom (being a psychologist on child development) probably read to me before I was even born! I do remember reading chapter books (the Magic Tree House series) as young as six years old.

2. Why did you choose to start a blog?

Well honestly because you did Abby! I wanted to see what it was like (since you raved about it so much) So here i am today.

3. Since this is the Infinity Dreams Tag, what is your biggest dream, no matter how out there it may seem?

I want to publish a bestseller (crazy right?)

4. Favorite subject in school? (If you are still in school. If not, what WAS your favorite subject?) 

Art is pretty close, but I will actually have to go with history

5. Where would you live in the world, if you could live anywhere?

Somewhere warm (as you must know by now, that's my only requirement), but I probably won't pick a country overrun by terrorists or lead by some dictator with nukes.

6. How would you describe your personal style?

Did you help write the literacy test questions this year? 'Cause that was one of them. I don't really know, chic I guess? If its cute I'll wear it. (unless it's bright yellow, no yellow)

7. Who has inspired you? It can be anyone, past, present, fictional, or no. 

Well I don't really know, I have probably been shaped by many people in my life, but the person I continually look up to the most is my dad, he's the best father a girl could ask for.

8. Do you prefer open plains, and sparkling beaches, or rugged mountains and wild forests?

I've only lived on the plains, and while vast and beautiful its full of nothing (well except grass. I'd have to live in the other settings before deciding on my preference.

9. If you could meet one celebrity, who would you choose?

Just one? Well I guess we all know the answer. Johnny Depp.

10. Favorite Disney princess? (Or Disney character if you don't prefer princesses.) 

My favorite Disney princess is either Rapunzel or Mulan. Rapunzel has such gorgeous hair! (I love the advanced animation so much!) And Mulan, well Mulan is noble, brave and just awesome!

11. Favorite quote? 

Favorite quotes are like favorite books, movies and songs, it changes a lot. Though Winston Churchill, Alexander G. Bell and C.S. Lewis have the best quotes for sure.


The New (extremely random) Questions: 

  1. If you could have a talent for something, what would you pick?
  2. If you were given the chance to be a great a subject you're not, but you had to trade in a subject you are good at what would you give up to become better at ______? Or would you not want to take the chance?
  3. How would you feel about wearing the clothes you have on now, for the rest of your life? What are you wearing?
  4. If you had to choose between only reading books or only watching movies for the rest of your life, which would you pick?
  5. What is your favorite nail polish color?
  6. Would you rather live outside in a small tent  (in all the elements of the seasons) or be shut up in a house with small windows (and the windows don't open but you still get fresh air) for a year?
  7. What are you more afraid of, standing on high platforms or being cramped in tiny places?
  8. How do you usually wear your hair?
  9. Are you a cat lady or a dog person?
  10. If you had the chance to glimpse into your future, would you want to know?
  11. Would you be able to give up all social media, texting, watching the news, youtube, Netflix, email and TV for a year and live only as people did when they had only books, meeting in person, newspapers and radio to stay connected and entertain themselves?

I tag all who read this ('cause I don't know 11 bloggers) and have not been tagged yet, have fun!

High School Senior Photography Silhouette, Violin Photo by Monson Photography - Ludington, Michigan:


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