Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Western Costumes

So as promised, here are the western costumes my sister and I are wearing tonight. (if I can find the pictures of our costumes from past years, I will post them) I edited the pictures to black and white and put in more contrast to make the pictures look old (wild west means 1800s after all).

Here is my "Indian" costume (by that I obviously mean Native American) Fun fact though, I found the dress at the thrift store its a real Indian dress (meaning India) all I did was cut the fringes.

 Some of my accessories include a blue woven bag and and a woven basket (from Paraguay)

I am wearing a white skirt under the Indian dress, and my Moms shoes that look like moccasins

I have a bracelet, a necklace and a "peace pipe" (candle snuffer with cotton, *top picture)

My sister Jelena is going as a "sharp shooter"

Her outfit includes western style boots and hat, a bandanna, a harmonica, ripped jeans, a plaid boys shirt, coiled rope and a bag that says "Howdy" with a leather cowboy hat key chain.

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